Saturday, 20 October 2012

Saturday 20th October

I had such a great day today. The meal I was supposed to go to got cancelled so I had a lovely lazy day at home. I did a spot of homework and and had a loooong hot bath. But then, disaster struck. My whole Sims game on the PS2 (old skooool) had been deleted, waah! I had this one family of five beautiful sisters who were millionaires. They each had been promoted to the top of their careers and were bringing in thousands every day. Oh well, I shall get over it! 

I made dinner tonight; Gorgonzola with al dente pasta and spinach, sooooo yummy! But now I feel really stuffed, not good. Strictly Come Dancing is on right now which I LOVE. Then it's X Factor and THEN the Jonathan Ross Show. I love Saturday nights. Tomorrow at football, we're playing Crystal Palace who have not lost a single game. The score from their last one was 22-0. I'm shitting bricks. It's going to be so bad. Last time we played them, they were up by our goal and we were defending for our lives. Then one of them shouted "triangle!" and bam bam bam, the ball was in the net before we knew it. They have all these little passing formations to get round you and it's so scary. 

Anyway, I need to stop writing here because Strictly needs my undivided attention!

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