Thursday, 11 October 2012

Cambridge satchels!

I've started compiling my Christmas list already, only seventy five days to go! Hklsfhshasfkjhhax I'm so excited! My cousins and aunt and uncle are coming over from America for Christmas and we're all going up to my grandparents in Birmingham for a week. All the extended family are staying, yay! So yes, back to my Christmas list. I usually ask for a ton of books - seriously, I got twenty one books last year - but everything I want this year is kind of pricey, plus AS levels don't allow much time for reading sooo.. this is a sacrifice I shall have to make.

Absolutely number one on the list is a Cambridge satchel. I think they're so great and versatile but also velly velly expensive! I reaaally need this though, it will go with practically every outfit I own. Please please please, Father Christmas!
Doesn't it just look soooo beautiful?! It's going to cost like £111 with the embossing... waaaah!

On my list along with this is hair crimpers, hair rollers, Anais Anais perfume, Rock + Rose Valentino perfume, Clinique foundation, new converses, Paloma Faith's new album, and erm... I forgot the rest. Not good. Today at school was kind of average, nothing really special happened. Tomorrow, I get to miss school and go to Blackland Farm, this activity camp, instead. We're going with the school and the coaches are leaving at 8.15am, sharp. Too early. I think we're doing rock climbing and archery and stuff. It's to get to know all the new people who have joined our school but I think we've all done that anyway. I have to wear tracksuits tomorrow, oh dear! I either look like a middle aged man or a chav when I wear them. I'll try and get a photo...

Song of zee day:

30 Minute Love Affair - Paloma Faith


  1. AHHH! I love Paloma Faith too! :') she's amazing :D

    1. I know! Have you seen the John Lewis advert with Never Tear Us Apart as the song?

    2. Yes! It's so great and she sounds perfect in it :') I love love love her!