Thursday, 25 October 2012


I used to think I never wanted to go to America. Why? I don't even know, it just didn't ever appeal to me. Until now. Well, I want to go to New York City, mainly. In the book, Adorkable, by Sarra Manning, the two main characters whiz off to NYC for a weekend and it sounded so fun. And another book I'm reading right now, Someone Else's Life by Katie Dale, also has a huge bit of it set there. This is the book that made me think, yeah, I need to go there. It sounds so great. I want to be there for New Year's Eve because it seems so good. 

A girl joined our sixth form about a month ago and she's American. I know I sound so lame and naive now when I say this but she's just so cool. Like, she's quite different to the rest of us but in such a good way and the way she talks about her life there sounds so great. So, the American Dream is still very much alive today. Life always looks better somewhere else, doesn't it? The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. The education system looks so much better over there too, bonus! 

Hollywood - Marina + the Diamonds

The City - Ed Sheeran

Well, now I've finished being passionate about a place I've never visited and probably never will. Yesterday, I wore an America-inspired top because I'm a loser and felt like I wanted to very much.

Long sleeved tshirt: New Look, £16?

Song of zee day:

Starlight - Taylor Swift

Totes my favourite song off her new album! I couldn't find an unpitched version on youtube though; she's not actually this reedy sounding.

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