Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ansari Boutique

I went with my family for a day trip to Oxford today. It's such a lovely place! I NEED to get a uni place there, simply because the town is so great. However, there is practically no parking at all so we seemed to spend half the day driving round looking for a space. The highlight of my day was deffo discovering a little place called Ansari Boutique ( They sell amazing dresses and scarves and bags and it's all so beautiful. So I dragged my mum in there and tried on a few dresses. The one I got is kind of a teal colour with leaf patterns and is a chiffony kind of material for £30.

However, they only do sizes "S-M" and "M-L". Medium to large is about a UK size 12 so if anyone is any bigger than that, Ansari have lost out on a lot of business. I did get photos of the dress and cute little bags they give you instead of carrier bags but my camera is being so horrible and not uploading any of them, waaaah! I think it's completely broken now! Anyway, it was going to be a longer post but as I can't put pictures up, I'm finished. Byeeeee!

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