Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I won't let you close enough to hurt me

Lol, today I wrote one of the worst essays I've ever written in my life. "How far was Nicholas II responsible for the fall of the Romanovs?" I don't know. Oh well, history isn't the most important subject I take so I don't really mind! We get the essays back tomorrow but I'm going on a geography trip then. It's for two nights to this mansion house in Dorking. During the day, we go to a river and measure how fast it's moving and how much sediment it carries. That's for seven hours each day, for three days, waaah! In the evenings, we do write ups of the day's experiments and do assessments, boohoo. We only have 11 in our geography class so we're joining up with 5 other people there, from two different schools. So, to be honest, that's the bit I'm most excited for - to meet other people and have fun tymz. This is where we're staying:

We get back on Friday evening and then I've got a party, wahaay. I totes forgot that I'm going to it so it's a nice surprise. Nothing else special is happening really.. I'm about to go to a meeting to discuss what's going to happen when I go to India to build houses and teach children and stuff. Merrrhhh.

Song of the day:

Turning Tables - Adele

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