Thursday, 22 November 2012


My friend Alex is an absolute joker. He's hilarious in everything he says and does and I just love him to absolute pieces. He was on the website for one of our local football teams and on their page of staff, they have a photo of their kit manager. His name is Clive. Clive is a man in his fifties and looks so overjoyed in the photo, his smile is so huge. Alex thought it was bloody hilarious that any team would have a photo of their kit manager on their site. So bloody hilarious that he took it upon himself to print out hundreds of photos of Clive.

A couple of weeks ago, I started seeing photos of Clive around the school. They were stuck on people's lockers, inside the doors of toilet cubicles, in the urinals, above the clock in the main hall. It's so great. The more you look, the more you see. Today, our form tutor wasn't in so we spent the whole of form time sticking more pictures of Clive up. This time, Alex put captions on them like "the end is nigh" and "prepare yourselves, children". Then, he wrote "this is Clive's locker now" on a photo and slid it inside someone's locker. They'll probably have a heart attack when they next open it. Maybe this sounds ridiculously immature but I think it's so funny. Oh, the larks we have whilst being mature sixth formers.

I was on a chair to stick a picture of Clive above a class room door, and as I got down, my jeans split. Like totally ripped all round the back of one leg, pretty high up. Close to my bum. Woohoo. I had to go down to the textiles department and borrow a needle and thread for my friend to stitch it up for me. So bad! Also, my UCAS card arrived yesterday, yay! This means I can now get a discount in so many shops. I'm pretty sure it's 20% off in New Look which is so great.

Outfit for Thursday 22nd November:

Cardi: mummy's cast-off, real cashmere, oooh!
Top: New Look, £10.
Jeans: BHS, £17.
Shoes: Doc Martens, £82.50.

This is the pattern of the tshirt, it just doesn't show up on the main photo.

A close up of my Doc Martens! They're my babies, I love them loooots.

Song of the day:

Locked Out of Heaven - Bruno Mars

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