Friday, 2 November 2012

Ill Manors - Plan B

I HATE this song. It's definitely not the kind of music I would normally listen to but I was watching Hackney Weekend a few months ago and it came on. I thought the lyrics were so horrible! I'm not like a top snob or anything but I just feel like it's a really rude song, looking "down" on people who are middle class and referring to them as "little rich boys" (is this called reverse snobbery?). It seems now that so many people think it's okay to pick on people for being well-spoken and educated and wanting to be cultured and ready to learn. Yet, if one of these "little rich boys" were to walk down the street screaming about how chavvy some people were, he would be hated forever. It's so ridiculous.

Please read the not-so-wonderful lyrics right here: I don't know, maybe you won't see it the same way I do, or interpret it the same way, but I think it's so horrible. It's definitely made me dislike Plan B immensely. If you're going to write a song like that, I think a lot of people are going to hate it.

Binky Felstead recently wrote an amazing article that just says exactly what I'm trying to get across here without being entirely offensive. She's saidstated it all so articulately here: and I really like her style of writing. Love you, Binky!

Song of the day: (for all the wrong reasons)

Ill Manors - Plan B

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  1. Ew...and people wonder why the people living in council flats are looked down upon...just disgusting -.- hate it when people are like this -.- its just jealousy that others are actually doing something worthwhile with their lives and not sitting on their arses just claiming unearned money off the government and the tax payers -.- ick ick ick (sorry, mini rant of my own!)