Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Ap ap ap ap Apollo Theatre style!

I went to the Apollo Theatre last night to see Wicked! It was so so so amazing. I've wanted to see it for about four years now, so to finally go was so great. I've definitely over-used the word "so" right there. Oops.

I felt like such a tourist taking photos of the outside of the theatre but it was all lit up beautifully and looked so wonderful. They're on my phone though, so I can't get them on here, waah. The performance itself was amazing too. I will never understand how people can sing that well and run around and dance and still hold the note. So crazy! The staging was beautiful and the costumes - and pretty much everything about the performance - were lovely! 'Defying Gravity' has always been a song I lovelovelove. To hear it live was actually a dream come true. So lame, I know. But you know when you get shivers when you hear a fantastic piece of music or your favourite song? I had shivers to the point of spasms for about five minutes straight while the actress was singing it. 

I went with my friend Jo - we always go to the theatre together. It's like a mini tradition now. Last year it was The Woman in Black, and the year before Love Never Dies. And before that, I think it was Phantom of the Opera, and before that, Fantasia. I think that was what it was called..! Anyway, for Wicked, we sat in the very back row. Tickets were only £15 and you could see everything. Why pay like £50 for front row seats when being at the back is fine?!

This was my ap ap ap ap Apollo Theatre syle! Love for Psy. 

Dress: TopShop, £20
Cardigan: New Look, £10
Scarf: H&M, £13
Boots: Shoe Zone, £15

Song of the day:

Boyfriend - Big Time Rush
Such a guilty pleasure, love it!

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