Monday, 12 November 2012


I feel like there's so much pressure on teenagers these days. Haha, I sound like an old person. I don't know, maybe it's always been like this but I'm only noticing it now that I'm in the middle of my teenage years. There's pressure to perform well at school, pressure to not let yourself get obese (but I don't think the media has anything to do with that), and heeeeeell, there's even pressure to get in a serious relationship. Like, people always ask about my 'past relationships' and I'm like "well, my longest one lasted a week, sooo.." I'm not afraid of commitment or anything but I just think it's not worth getting serious unless you can see it lasting for ages. Uh oh, I sense this post is leading somewhere completely different.

There's pressure to have sex, pressure to dress provocatively, and there's actually pressure to get your first kiss. I'm not going to lie, I got mine, what would be considered by some people as, 'quite late' and people are like "what, you haven't got off with anyone yet? Are you, like, frigid?" dadsdkjsgljklhsfhs it just annoys me a bit! And what also irks me is the perception of youth today. I was doing some charity work a little while ago and I heard this horrible woman say "well it's good to see you young people actually doing something good for once". I wanted to slap her. You only see the bad stuff in the press like "TEENAGERS SMASH SHOP WINDOWS. EVERY TEENAGER IS SCUM". You never ever see "Lovely teenagers do charity work and raise thousands of pounds". Sorry, this is totes irrelevant.

All I was trying to say with this post is a lot is expected of people like me and it's not too fun. Also, I'll just put it out there: people have got it so wrong when they say anorexic or bulimic girls are influenced by images of skinny people in the media. Not one person I know feels like this. I reckon it's just a good "reason" for lots of girls becoming skinnier and that they need something to pin it on. Again, totally unrelated, I'm sorry! Lol, I just read this back - it makes practically no sense at all so I apologise!

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