Tuesday, 5 March 2013

You're untouchable

I'm quite an emotionally stable person. I don't really have mood swings or ever flip out at anyone. I never really get "depressed" and hardly ever feel low, for that matter. But over the past week, I've been having what I call (Miranda reference!) "downer days". Just days where you feel like you don't care any more, like nothing is really worth it. I know that's not exactly the best frame of mind to be in but I've just been so bogged down by school work, it's kind of impossible to feel any other way! But I'm coping and I like to think I've seen the back of the downer days for a good while.

So, that is one of the reasons I have neglected my dear blog here - a ton of homework. I've also been soooo busy. Can you say "after school history classes, football match number one, football training, Brownies, running, shopping, football match number two, and history lectures"? It's been a bladdy nightmare! I got studded in the leg by a very large girl during my Sunday match, causing blood to dribble all the way down my leg. The gash is frickin huge and is now surrounded by a glorious technicolour bruise. I'll upload a lovely photo of it later.

Yesterday, I went to a six hour lecture on the Russian Revolution, Stalin and Lenin. Oh. My. God. I hate history anyway and this has only intensified the feeling. Also - and I don't know why I've never heard this before - lectures are SO boring! If this is what uni is going to be like for the whole three years, I'll just give it a miss. Honestly, people fell asleep, it was that bad!

So yes, sorry but I'll have to love and leave you and attend to the mountain of homework I have. Bye!

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  1. I know what you mean about downer days. It feels a bit like life has just been throwing all the lemons out recently! I'm glad you're coping and I hope your work load decreases :)
    Kimmy x