Friday, 29 March 2013

I remember it now...

... it takes me back to when it all first started. I had high hopes. 365 days.

I haven't posted in nine days, this is awful! As usual, my excuse is that things have been so hectic - essays, schoolwork, bla bla bla - that I couldn't actually find the time to blog. I did, however, find the time to put my books into alphabetical order which is something I'd been intending to do for a while. It actually took bloody ages, like nearly an hour which was much longer than I'd first anticipated. My room became a bit of a mess in the process:

I actually have nothing to report which is pretty tragic. I've just been bumbling along, procrastinating, laughing, and reading. #SuchFun. We broke up from school on Wednesday and had an inset day yesterday so I went to a town near us with all the great shops with my mum and did a little bit of retail therapy. A lot of the things bought were birthday presents for me - I had to come and help because I'm apparently "hard to buy for" - so they've been whisked away and I'm not allowed to touch them for another fifteen days. I did pick up a Rimmel lipstick though, from the Kate Moss range - number 19, Rossetto. I LOVE it; it feels just the right amount of creamy on your lips and lasts for like three/four hours (although since it's the "lasting finish" range, I'm not sure how much that counts for...)

But the highlight of my day was definitely lunch. We went to my favourite ever ever ever restaurant, Wagamama (specialising in Japanese/Chinese/Thai style food), and I experienced heaven on a plate. I always get the same thing whenever we go there - the chicken katsu curry. You get a leafy salad with pieces of ginger coated in a delicious dressing, a mound of sticky white rice on a bed of breaded chicken, smothered in a spicy green sauce - for only £9.40, bargainous! Honestly, if there's one place you're allowed to eat out at for the rest of your life, it has to be Wagamama.


In other news, I have recently enjoyed painting my nails and discovering that I can put two earrings into once ear piercing.

NYC: Spring Street

I believe this has covered all the happenings in the past nine days of my life. I promise I'm going to try and be more consistent in my posting! Luuurve to all.

Song of the day:

High Hopes - Kodaline

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