Wednesday, 20 March 2013

There's got to be more than what I'm living for

So bogged down with work right now, it's so crazy. At Brownies on Friday, we went to Sainsbury's so the girls could get their 'Number Fun' badge (it was anything but fun) by looking at a shopping list created by the leaders, finding the products , and adding everything up. #SuchFun. They all got so excited that we were actually on an outing that they spent the whole time screaming hysterically and I spent my whole time pulling them out of the way of oncoming trolleys. Lovely way to spend Friday night. 

However, one of my friends had a party later on in the night which was actually really great because I knew everyone there. I know it sounds really bad and unsociable, but I absolutely hate mingling at parties where you only know a few people. You spend like half the time trying to actually find some people you want to talk to and by the time you get to know them properly, the taxi is waiting. Maybe that's just me, oops. And then you also have to try and dress nicely to make a good impression and whatnot, hair and makeup done properly. But for places where it's just your friends, like on Friday night, I can turn up in what I wore to school, with no makeup and it's fine. I love it.

I also discovered a top which I've had for a couple of years but haven't really worn much. It's very bright and summery so I'll probably wear it more then, and is from New Look.

Yesterday, I went to a UCAS convention at Surrey University to pick up some prospectuses and ask the reps questions about applying and things. It was actually really fun but my friends and I got lost on the way there and took a forty minute detour. We walked all the way up a main road and were literally at a farm when I asked if my friend knew where we were on the map. She didn't. Journeying there and back was a bladdy nightmare!

But I did manage to get loads of information there and a cheeky free bag from Liverpool Uni. I'm currently considering the University of Kent, Anglia Ruskin University, University of Sussex, University of Essex, Newcastle University, Brunel University, University of Chester (this one is my favourite!), Keele University, University of Gloucestershire, University of Birmingham, and the Royal Holloway. (Have I ever typed "university" so much in one sentence? I don't think so.)

Birmingham, Gloucestershire and the Royal Holloway didn't have
any prospectuses left when we got there (can you say inefficient?!)

Outfit for Tuesday 19th March:

Blazer: H&M, 40 euros
Dress: Republic, £20
Bag: Primark, £2
Boots: Amsterdam market, 15 euros

Song of the day:

Shine - Laura Izibor

SUCH a feel good song!


  1. I went to Portsmouth for a Uni convention last Friday! OH MY GOSH aren't the prospectuses so freaking heavy?! I nearly died ;)
    Love your top!
    Kimmy x

    1. YES! I deffo needed that extra Liverpool Uni bag, and I think something has actually popped out of my shoulder, it was so heavy! Thanks :) x