Saturday, 26 October 2013


My dad is a runner. He runs at least ten miles in a week (he's old and injured now) but used to do around 100 miles in a week. He absolutely loves it - it's almost an addiction. When I was six, he started taking me out running a couple of nights a week. I liked it so we didn't stop. A couple of years later, I got onto the cross country team at school and started taking the whole running thing seriously. Nine-year-old-to-thirteen-year-old-me trained four nights in a week and was the fastest girl of her age in our town of 300,000 people. I was obsessed.

Hello cross country captain badge, London Mini Marathons, borough championships, county championships. Hello shin splints. I couldn't run anymore due to horrific shooting pains in my lower legs. With shin splints, the muscle sheath doesn't grow at the same rate as the actual muscle, or something like that, so they rub against each other and become severely inflamed. It wasn't much fun. I continued playing football which I'd taken up when I was eight and it took over my sporting life. (Being in a defence position really doesn't involve much running - at least not for me! - hence why my shin splints weren't affected.)

Earlier this year however, my dad persuaded me to start running again. I initially didn't do it because I liked it: it was because it made him really happy and I knew it would stop me from getting fat. Recently though, I've begun to love it.. I feel like little pre-teen me who would just run for the sake of running. Sometimes if I'm walking home from somewhere at night, I just feel the urge to run. So I do. I run because I love it.

Wow, I don't know how I managed to type out my whole running life story in about three minutes. I didn't even plan to. I meant to say I like running and then show you my new running shorts and favourite sports bra. Ooops.

This is my "old" running outfit: these shorts have now been retired in favour of my pink ones.

These babies, pictured above and below, arrived just the other day from Amazon. I love the cut and material of them, and most importantly, the pattern. Jazzy.

This sports bra is fab. I need everything underwired because I'm, well, overly-blessed in the boob department. And I have a thing about non-padded bras. The thing being I cannot wear them. I feel like they give no support at all and I hate the way they look on me. Maybe it's different for you but I really have something against them. I searched for months for a padded and underwired sports bra and found this amazing one in Marks and Spencer for around £20. Maybe that's a bit pricey, I don't know, but it's worth it. I do not know what I'd do without it.

The shorts are made by Nike and the style is "Tempo" (highly recommend) and you can take a peek at the bra here if you're like me and mega fussy about sports bras.

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