Saturday, 5 October 2013


Do you ever just look at someone or something like...?

I know I do. It's just when I get frustrated or feel fed up with a situation. I've been doing a lot of eye rolling lately and it's something I should stop. Because I sometimes imagine what a person would think if they had seen me do it. It would make me come off as a horrible person, and that's obviously not how I want to present myself. I've been feeling pretty exasperated with a lot of things lately and I wish I could fast forward to Christmas. My personal statement would be submitted, I'd have handed in my term's-worth of essays, I'd have had the courage to end things with a guy I'm seeing, and I'd be a whole lot happier than I am now. Not that I'm unhappy. I'm just pootling along, not in the best place I've ever been, but not entirely miserable either. It's a kind of middle ground I suppose.

It's only really coming to me now that I've been in a crappy mood for the past couple of weeks. Just writing this is clearing my head a bit, which is always good, and I know I have things to look forward to. Strictly Come Dancing is on tonight, I'm having fish and chips later, and I'll enjoy work tomorrow. Yes, I lost my favourite hoody today, and yes, I've had a headache and tummy ache, but some people have it a lot worse than I do right now. So all I have to do is keep thinking about nice things which are going to happen. The future is my safe place right now, because there's no point wallowing in the past.

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