Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Winterising your wardrobe

Winterising your wardrobe

Forever New floral bridesmaid dress
$140 -


Falke tight

Blue wedding ring

Graduation jewelry

Cult Gaia flower garland

Is winterise a word? It should be. I'm just using it in the sense of "styling your summer clothes so they can be worn in an outfit during the winter months too". I have a couple of floral dresses which I'm now wearing with boots and jumpers since it's become colder. I tried to put that across in this Polyvore set because I think that dress is gorgeous and could be worn all year round but I especially love it with that cardigan. I need to invest in one.

Do you guys winterise (or summerise, while we're on the topic) any of your clothing items?


  1. Hello, your blog is fantastic. follow me and I follow you? Kisses and hugs.

  2. In love with that cardigan! <3