Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween, woohoo! I went to the library with my friends for a study session today, not that I got much work done. I believe this photo shows you exactly how productive my day was (ie. not at all). Lol at my hair looking practically the same as before in this light...

My mum has gone completely all-out for Halloween this year. For basically my whole life, every time Halloween rolled round, she and my dad would tape newspaper sheets up in the windows and turn all the front lights out to pretend we weren't in so no trick or treaters would come. This year, however, she's done a total one-eighty. She's dressed up as a witch - I tried to upload a photo but it wouldn't work - and has got in a ton of sweets. Every time the doorbell rings, she leaps up, pulls on her witch's hat (comes with a wig, of course) and whips open the door. She does this massive snarl and growls. So, naturally, the children are like whaaatdafuq but they still say "trick or treat!" And my mum goes "treat please!". Or she growls, should I say. And then proceeds to wet herself laughing. She thinks she's so hilarious. I don't know whether to crack up with her or cringe in a corner and deny any relation. She's so cray cray.

Oh, and she's also counting the amount of trick or treaters we've had... I think we're on twelve now. Oh dear! Doorbell's just gone so it's thirteen now. She's far too excited.

Song of the day:

I Hear Nothing At All - Orla Gartland

This girl is so great! She was playing in London on Monday, so bummed I couldn't get to see her. Love youuu Orla!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

L'Oreal Paris

So I just used my hair dye, wahaay. The colour was "Golden Honey 730, casting crème gloss" by L'Oreal Paris. It's fairly easy to use but oh my, all the warnings they gave on the side of the box made me paranoid. I also read this story a while ago about a girl who was majorly allergic to a dye she used and her whole face swelled up and she went blind and needed to shave all her hair off. Poor girl. So I was a bit worried, to say the least. It's all fine so far, touch wood.

It's not the colour I expected but I do like it, I think. Sorry for the face in the before photo and for the lack of face in the after but I'm looking like poo right now.



Hope it doesn't fade tooooo much! Over and out.

Don't you dream impossible things?

The picnic in Streatham got cancelled, yay! Someone had food poisoning, not-so-yay, so we've decided to reschedule. I went shopping with my friend Nick instead to get birthday presents for my mum and my friend Lily. Lily is Australian and when her dad got a job in London when we were six, her whole family moved over here. We became absolute besty friendys, but then her dad was relocated back to Adelaide. So I haven't seen her in eight years! We facebook every day though and we always send each other presents and stuff which is cool. Hopefully she's coming over again next year, woohoo! This is what I bought her from Primark:

I found a bag in my mum's wardrobe the other day and she said I can have it, yay! It's not actually this red in real life, it's more brownish.

I also bought the hair dye today! It looks really blonde on the box but I think it's gonna turn out a bit darker. I hope it doesn't end up a really boring mousey brown... I have absolutely no experience with hair dye so it's going to be a wonderful new adventure for me.

The hope is for it to be like the colour of the tips of my hair now which are basically sun bleached ginger, yummy. Please excuse my split ends!

Song of the day:

Cry (Just a Little) - Bingo Players

I was talking to this guy on ChatRoulette about an hour ago and he played me this song. We spoke for like ten minutes before the server cut us off because apparently I need to be signed up to the site. His name was Lincoln and he was an artist from King's Lynn, near Cambridge. What a babe.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Hi Jess...

Hello half term holiday!

Today was the first official day of the half term holiday. Weekend doesn't count because we would get that anyway! I had my friends Lauren and Alisha over for pizza and fun tymz. We also went on omegle for a bit and waved at old men because that's really all you can do on there. Then we had a mini photo shoot but my camera deleted all the photos. So annoying. Hopefully Alisha still has the five billion she took on her phone. I don't know why I'm writing all this, it's so uninteresting. It was like your average standard day of holiday.

I painted my nails yesterday with an MUA polish; I believe it was shade 26. Someone gave it to me about a year ago and I hated it but it grew on me and the same has happened again this time. I think I just need like a day to get used to it every time.

Tomorrow I'm going shopping with my mum and brother to get new curtains for my room and also to help my brother pick out some new clothes. I'm his fashion advisor, haha. Even he admits he needs someone to tell him what's nice on him. I think I'm also going to see if I can get some hair dye. And then I'm going to a picnic. In Streatham. In October. In bloody England. This is totes madness. I'll probably be ranting about how horrible it was tomorrow. So yah, over and out!

Song of the day:

If I Ever Leave This World Alive - Flogging Molly

This was playing at the end of PS I Love You. I cried like a complete baby at that film. I watched it by myself one night when my family were all out and I just felt alone foreveeer. Watch it with friends, honestly! Anyway, this song is so great that I stopped crying and youtubed it, haha.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

"A Girl's Guide to Getting a Guy"

This is the title of an instructional book my friend and I were going to write. I'm telling you, this method actually works. These findings are based on personal experiences. The results vary depending on how friendly the guy is and how much you have to talk about with him. Haha, this is sounding rather scientific. I'm going to DIE if anyone I know reads this. Chapter one begins like this:

The Classic Way To Begin

This method to getting a guy is practically foolproof. Unfailable. Unless, of course, you don't follow the instructions or meet the requirements below. Then, and only then, is it possibly this may not succeed.

You must:

1. Have a friend who has no inhibitions, and also who you trust.
2. Have identified the guy you wish to pursue.
3. Know at least one of his interests which you can chat about with him, without looking like a top stalker.
4. Be prepared to come off as annoying and possibly clingy girl.

(Fairly risky, as you can see.)

Well, I was going to write more but I can't in case a certain somebody sees this. Tell you what, you can just work with what there is so far. I think it's kind of self explanatory from here!... maybe?

Oooh, I also want to dye my hair and I found a naaaice colour but I have to find a dye to match now.

Song of the day:

Flowers in Your Hair - The Lumineers

Saturday, 27 October 2012


 It took us about three weeks to come up with a name for the school magazine (which I won't put on here - people may find my blog) and I don't really think it's all too great. I suggested something as a bit of a joke but everyone liked it and decided to go with it. I was like saywhat?! But, realistically, we've been struggling to come up with a name for nearly a month now so I think this is the best we're going to get.

It gets busy busy busy from here on out, school-wise.. It's half term now and I have six chapter summaries to write for a book, an essay, some history homework which I don't even know the content of, and to research and gather pieces for English controlled assessment. For the magazine I need to write a feature on personal statements and university shizzle, and also proof read and edit every single piece which is going in it. It's going to be a busy holiday.

Also, my mum, dad, brother and I are popping to Oxford for a night or two later in the week to look at the town and stuff. I think we're staying in Premier Inn. I LOVE Premier Inn holidays. Well, it's more of a minibreak but it's such good family-bonding time. That sounds so lame but I love family time. And the food at Premier Inn is so freaking good. And the beds are naaaice! So it's all go-go-go. I also have to make time for a study session with my friend who's super-eager for school, and shopping trip with mama and brobro, and a meal with some friends whom I haven't seen in the longest time. Go-go-go!

This is my dad's bag which he takes when he goes to get the bread and paper on Saturday mornings. He think it's the most hilarious thing but he's not even religious. I don't know why he finds it so funny! Well, he looks kind of camp with it, but apart from that, it's not funny!

I don't think I ever uploaded a photo of my collage wall and my bookies. If I could take one thing from my room if there was a fire, it would be my bookcase (the big one has better books on it). Which I obviously can't carry but you know... it's not about the technicalities!

I'm currently talking to a girl called Jess who I met on blogspot. She's pretty cool and we like a lot of the same things and I wuuuv her blog:, you should deffo take a looksy at it.

Ooh, lol, I just thought of something to post tomorrow. Totally cringey but funny so I can deal.

Let's hope for some love...

These are my favourite books ever: Somebody Else's Life - Katie Dale, The Sky is Everywhere - Jandy Nelson, Nobody's Girl - Sarra Manning, The Bookseller of Kabul - Asne Seierstad, Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher, The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky, Adorkable - Sarra Manning, No and Me - Delphine de Vigan, Swim the Fly - Don Calame. 

They're all basically chick flicky books - trashy, I know - but I love them. The Bookseller of Kabul is not a chicklit though. It's a biography of a family living in Kabul, Afghanistan and it's so interesting. Plus, it's a book about books. Bonus! You should all definitely read aaaall of these. This is a tiny post today, sorry!

"so we're bleeding now..."

Ho Hey - The Lumineers

This song is so great, it's such a feel-good song.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Day turns to night...

Today has been such a freaking good day! To start off with, it's the last day before we get our half term holiday. I sprained my ankle at training yesterday though so I've been hobbling around everywhere. It swelled up in geography but I got an ice pack so all's good. Then my friend was telling me how they never wash these ice packs and I'd had it all over my hands and had then picked up a sandwich, yummy. Anyway! We got our essays back in history and I got another high B so I'm really happy with that and we got to go home early, bonus! And my mum gave me a lift home because I can't really walk so that was great too. 

And theeeeen, at home the school had sent a letter to my parents saying I was doing well at school and got a 1-1-1-2 on my grade gather (1-1-1-1 being the best) which is coool. My school photos have arrived too:

But the best thing of all is such a nice surprise. Our school run this programme once every two years where twenty students get to go to India and stay there for a fortnight. Whilst there, you build extra classrooms for a primary school and teach them English there and play games with them. You also get to go round and sight see and just absorb this amazing culture. They offered it to our year group and the year group below us because it's happening in the summer of 2014.  So I think about 150 people applied and for it - you had to write a letter saying why you wanted to go - and there are only twenty places. I got picked! Yayayayaya, so freaking happy about it. We have to raise £2200 though so we can afford it all. I think it's do-able though! Sososososo excited for this!

... and night turns to whatever we want, we're young enough to say...

Song of the day:

Stay Stay Stay - Taylor Swift

Thursday, 25 October 2012


I used to think I never wanted to go to America. Why? I don't even know, it just didn't ever appeal to me. Until now. Well, I want to go to New York City, mainly. In the book, Adorkable, by Sarra Manning, the two main characters whiz off to NYC for a weekend and it sounded so fun. And another book I'm reading right now, Someone Else's Life by Katie Dale, also has a huge bit of it set there. This is the book that made me think, yeah, I need to go there. It sounds so great. I want to be there for New Year's Eve because it seems so good. 

A girl joined our sixth form about a month ago and she's American. I know I sound so lame and naive now when I say this but she's just so cool. Like, she's quite different to the rest of us but in such a good way and the way she talks about her life there sounds so great. So, the American Dream is still very much alive today. Life always looks better somewhere else, doesn't it? The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. The education system looks so much better over there too, bonus! 

Hollywood - Marina + the Diamonds

The City - Ed Sheeran

Well, now I've finished being passionate about a place I've never visited and probably never will. Yesterday, I wore an America-inspired top because I'm a loser and felt like I wanted to very much.

Long sleeved tshirt: New Look, £16?

Song of zee day:

Starlight - Taylor Swift

Totes my favourite song off her new album! I couldn't find an unpitched version on youtube though; she's not actually this reedy sounding.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Cake day number three

As you may or may not know, we have cake day in our English language lessons every other week. For the first one, our teacher provided the cakes which she had baked. For the second, three girls brought in shop-bought cakes which were yummy. Today, my friend named Alex made chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate chips. He asked this Spanish guy, Alan, to get him some super-hot Spanish chilli seeds so he could put them in one of the cupcakes. He told our teacher but pretended it was an accident - he said his mum had been cooking stuff with chilli and he chopped the chocolate on the board it was cut on - so she thought it was pretty funny. It was like Russian Roulette but with cupcakes. 

Everyone was tentatively nibbling their cakes and breaking them apart to see if there was anything suspicious looking. Unfortunately, the seeds looked just like white chocolate chips - I guess Alex did that deliberately - so you couldn't tell at all. And Alan started swearing and choking and went pretty red. Oh, how we laughed. I'm not really sure if I believe in karma and fate but that was amazing. Out of sixteen people, the evil supplier of the chilli had it bite him on the butt. Lol. He's a lovely guy though so he took it pretty well. And that was the highlight of my day.

I did have some photos to put up but they'll have to come later because my camera messed up and deleted them all. I BOUGHT TAYLOR SWIFT'S NEW ALBUM TODAY. So good. But I also found out one of my closest friends cuts herself and I'm not really sure how to deal. I don't know what to doooooo.

Song of the day:

Love Shack - The B-52s

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

I guess we fell apart in the usual way...

Last night was interesting. The journey up there was totally fine which is great but we had a few problems finding the Noel Coward Theatre so I had to ask these ridiculously camp guys where it was while my friends printed off a map in Premier Inn. We found it. I so wish I took my camera because the West End is so lovely in the dark when it's all lit up and beautiful. There were so many people bustling around and it sounds so lame but you just feel so alive. I haven't been up to London in the dark for aaages now (not since Winter Wonderland!) so I forgot how lovely it is. The actual performance was kinda crap. Honestly, talking to people afterwards, the most used word to describe it was "shit". The Indian accents were so over the top that no one could understand what they were saying. Even this Indian lady who came to watch and spoke to my friend said she couldn't understand. Here is a proper review of the performance:

The journey back home was kind of pooey. We had to change tubes (when it was just supposed to be one long tube to Morden) and it was past midnight and all the paedos were out. Well, it looked like it. All these men were like leering and attempting to wink. Blehhh. And then we couldn't find where my mum had parked to take us home so we walked down little alleyways in the pitch black and there were spikes on top of the railings and she wasn't answering her phone. I nearly had a heart attack. We found her eventually though, waahay. I only got like five hours sleep though so I look like death today.

Outfit for Tuesday 23rd October:

Jumper - M&S, £35
Skirt - TopShop, £28

Outfit for Monday 22nd October, 5pm onwards:

Coat - Peacocks, £40
Skirt - QEF charity shop, £2
Boots -  Shoe Zone (classy...!), £15

"... and the story's got dust on every page. But sometimes I wonder how you think about it now and I see your face in every crowd." 151111, 381091.

Song of the day:

Holy Ground - Taylor Swift

So bloody appropriate right now.

Monday, 22 October 2012


ajkldlghadancjefyughavbwdfoVBNX! Taylor Swift's new album came out today! Yayayayaya! Unfortunately, I can't get down to HMV until Wednesday to buy it. I actually love her. And it's so cute, in all of the lyric booklets that come with the CDs, she has hidden messages. Like, all the lyrics are lower case except for the occasional capital letter so you take the capital letters to spell out phrases. It's so cute. I honestly have far too much fun decoding them! 

This is going to be another tiny post because I need to get ready in like five minute's time. We're going to the theatre to see Much Ado About Nothing (Bollywood version, wahaay!) and it's going to take bloody ages. I need to get to the station for 5.10pm for a 5.29pm train to Victoria. And then it's the tube North bound on the Victoria line to Green Park and then the Piccadilly line East bound to Leicester Square. And then it's a ten minute walk, boo. I'm armed with my trusty map of the underground so it should all be fine.

Hi Taylor, when's our wedding?

Song of le day:

22 - Taylor Swift

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Roast dinner!

We just had roast pork, yummy yummy. Again, there's nothing to write, really. We only lost football 3-0 which is pretty good against Crystal Palace, whaaay! And I had a pretty good game so that's coooool. Tomorrow, I'm going to see a Bollywood version of Much Ado About Nothing which will be rather... interesting! And I think we're getting Nando's before but I'm not sure... sorry for all these uninteresting, inane details. Umm, possibly the shortest post ever!

This actually happened to a girl in my school. We have ceilings like these in the PE changing rooms and all the chavs keep their PE kits up in the ceiling 'cause, you know... they're way too cool to actually USE their lockers. So she was in the ceiling getting her bag and there was the creaking noise and I turned around just in time to see this girl crash to the floor, bringing some ceiling tiles with her. Smooth. But I think I actually truly honestly wet myself laughing. So good.

Song of the day:

The Boxer - Simon and Garfunkel

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Saturday 20th October

I had such a great day today. The meal I was supposed to go to got cancelled so I had a lovely lazy day at home. I did a spot of homework and and had a loooong hot bath. But then, disaster struck. My whole Sims game on the PS2 (old skooool) had been deleted, waah! I had this one family of five beautiful sisters who were millionaires. They each had been promoted to the top of their careers and were bringing in thousands every day. Oh well, I shall get over it! 

I made dinner tonight; Gorgonzola with al dente pasta and spinach, sooooo yummy! But now I feel really stuffed, not good. Strictly Come Dancing is on right now which I LOVE. Then it's X Factor and THEN the Jonathan Ross Show. I love Saturday nights. Tomorrow at football, we're playing Crystal Palace who have not lost a single game. The score from their last one was 22-0. I'm shitting bricks. It's going to be so bad. Last time we played them, they were up by our goal and we were defending for our lives. Then one of them shouted "triangle!" and bam bam bam, the ball was in the net before we knew it. They have all these little passing formations to get round you and it's so scary. 

Anyway, I need to stop writing here because Strictly needs my undivided attention!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Stand and deliver

I had no free periods today, waaaah. But it was a pretty good day. I saw my friend who I haven't seen in a while and I got my first Burger King meal. It was that Chicken Royale one... oh my, sososososo nice! The chips there are great too. I also dropped off like a million CVs at the shops in town because I NEED a job. I need to buy a Pandora ring soooo...! 

On the way home from Burger King today with my friend, these people at the back of the bus were singing Gangnam Style. So freaking annoying. Then all seven of them get off and they're still singing and dancing. And you know the little two-steps they have on every bus on the bottom deck? As this girl is running and dancing off the bus, she jumps down the steps and lands so hard on my friend's foot. She was kind of... hefty? Sturdy? Robust? I nearly cried and wet myself laughing. My friend nearly cried in pain. Lol. Possibly the highlight of my day; that sounds mean but I really don't mean it to be! She laughed too... much later.

Hmm, nothing else to report really! I had dis cray cray song in my head all day which will feature below as song of the day. I don't even know how it got there. Also, I want to put it out there because some people are so annoying in misusing these words: antisocial and unsociable. Everyone uses antisocial to mean unsociable. Antisocial is when you throw rocks at people's head and stuff and get an ASBO. Or when you play your music too loud or something. It is not the same as unsociable! Unsociable is when you sit alone texting and ignoring everyone else. OH and something else that annoyed me today: my English lit teacher is a bit of a loser and he assumes that everyone is retarded. He makes such ridiculous assumptions. "I know you all hate reading, you're all teenagers, it's a given, but you have to read this book ". It's like, why would we even take lit if we hate reading?! And he's also like "none of you know how to write, none of you have your own style because you don't practise". We write novels. We blog. We keep detailed diaries. I don't want to be an annoying teenager who thinks all adults don't understand us - so not true, by the way - but he's ridiculously patronising. Eurgh. 

Sorry, I've gone all ranty again! Promise to be much better tomorrow!

Song of la day:

Stand and Deliver - Adam and the Ants

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Who'd like to know? I'd like to know

I'm in an incredibly bad mood today. Well, just since 6.45 this evening. The rest of the day was pretty fun. We had sex ed at school which was hilarious, and I had a yummy Cornish pasty for lunch. AND three jaffa cakes. So it was all pretty good. Then I remembered I have football training which was a bit of a downer.

I missed training two weeks ago to help out at open day and apparently this girl at football, but also who goes to my school, was bitching about me there like "yeah, she's only going because she bum licks the teachers". Oh, please forgive me for wanting a good uni reference and actually wanting to help out at school. This girl is so nice to my face. I used to dislike her but then I was like yeah, why not just start afresh with my opinions about her. So I did. But she's horrible. So I've gone back to disliking her. She also bitches about her best friends when they're not there and takes the piss out of people who laugh and mess around. She imitates people in the most bitchy way. She's so horrible. Bleh. This was going to be a cheerful post but now it's turned into a rant! Sorry!

I've also always wondered why none of my friends play football. And the reason came to me today while I was glowering at this horrible girl during training: 99% of the girls this age who play football are not like us. We're always laughing and can be immature (but only at appropriate times!) but we're also bright people who actually give a shit about other people's feelings. And all the girls I've come across in eight years of playing football are not like this. Two girls on the team are people I would want to have as good friends. Sorry to get all ranty on you guys! Ooooh I finally discovered the tag thing on here where you can put labels on your posts and my views have risen which is coooool.

Anyway, over and ouuut!

Song of zee day:

Happily Ever After - He is We

One of my favouritest bands ever!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Roku means six in Japanese, apparently. You know how I previously talked about how we're setting up a sixth form magazine at school? Well, "Roku" is one of the choices we have for its name. And we have almost no ideas for it, other than "Sixth Base" which may be deemed as slightly inappropriate. Or "I'm Six-y and I Know it". The idea is we could have as a cheesy little slogan "we will, we will Roku". Cringe. Mega mega cringe. We had a meeting at lunch time today; I took minutes, typed them up and sent them out to the committee. I feel very professional!

Did I say yesterday in a school football match that this girl went in for a kick with her studs up and I went in for it too (studs down, of course!) and her boot smashed my ankle? I nearly cried. I won the tackle though, bonusss! Well, my ankle still all swollen (twenty four hours later) and has a huuuuge bruise on it, waaah. I'm such a baby when it comes to injuries. Nothing really interesting at all happened today. But yesterday, I got so freaking bored in English lit so I coloured in my hair with a highlighter. Now my hair is ruined. It was all sticky and trusty old Head and Shoulders hasn't really seemed to have done much for it today.

Here's a grumpy looking, unflattering photo of what I wore today:

Jumper: M&S, £35
Skirt: New Look, £12 (it's secretly a dress!)

I've also just discovered these beautiful creations. So so so so so yummy, honestly! Try one, you will definitely not be disappointed.

Song of da day:

State of Grace - Taylor Swift

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Challenge 2012

In the UK, they offer this thing called The Challenge to all students who have just finished year 11. I think I've referred to it in the past as "the youth programme". It is a programme for youths. So I signed up because once my GCSEs had finished, I had like four weeks until I went on holiday and wanted something fun to do.

You're in a "Wave" of sixty people you've never met and there are five groups of twelve (obviously..). My group was amazing and I lovelovelove them. There were seven girls and five boys; King, Nick, Steve, Jamie, Darren, Alice, Shria, me, Clara, Rhianna, Shanelle and Lauren. The first week, you get to stay in cadets camp in Durham and we did a thirteen mile hike, camping, canoeing, rock climbing up and abseiling down a cliff and a first aid course.. bit of an anticlimax. But it was so great! Allow me to share some photos with you.

So wonderful

Unfortunately, this is me

In the second week, you stay in university halls of residence with people from your group. You make your own meals each night and have to clean up aaaall the time, eurgh. You go out and do work for the community in the area of either sport (which was us), drama, media, photography or enterprise everyday for a week. We coached children in a school in Peckham (SCARY!) in football and basketball. At the end of the week, you present everything you've been doing to an audience of like a hundred people.

Preparing for the coaching

Love dis! L-R: King, Nick, Darren, Stevie, Clara, Shria, Stefan, Jamie, Alice, me,
Lauren, Lindsey, Shanelle, Rhianna

Lindsey and Stefan were our "mentors" for the three weeks. They are babes. In the third week, you stay at home but go to this massive hall place every day and work on a project for your local community. There is lots of planning involved and you need to dress smartly every day but you get to go to local businesses. We went to a racecourse and they got us free concert tickets for Ratpack.. bonus!

My favourite one. L-R: Jamie, Darren, King, Clara, Stevie, Lindsey,
Alice, Shanelle, Lauren, Stefan, Rhianna, Shria, Nick, me.

So, to anyone in year eleven in the UK now, do it do it do it! It sounds so lame and cheesy but it's probably the best thing I've done this year. There's a few extra community projects to do in September but it's still fun. Since we've all met back at the start of July, I've not gone longer than three weeks without seeing them. We're going out on Saturday to Nando's actually because it will be three weeks then! I actually love that place so much. Anyway, sign up to the Challenge here: I hope I've sold it to you... promise they're not paying me to advertise.

Song of la day:

Stay This Far Away - Kate McGill

Monday, 15 October 2012


Have I already mentioned my new-found love for and obsession with coffee? I used to hate it, God knows why. I really hope I'm not getting addicted to it; I don't want to be dependent on any substance at all. I have been taking it in a flask to school... I should probably stop that - it probably makes me look like an alcoholic or something, concealing my vodka mix in an opaque container. Today, I put up posters all around the sixth form centre at school, advertising for a cover girl (or boy... most likely a boy!) for the first issue of the school magazine. And that was honestly the highlight of my day.

Tomorrow is school photos day! Aghhhh! I don't know how to have my hair (tied up, loose, side parting, middle parting, fringe clipped up?!) or what to wear (jumpers, dresses, tshirt, hoody?!) or how to do my makeup (nicely.. or umm, not at all?). So, choices choices! The closeup head shots we get done will go on a student ID that we need to wear on a lanyard every day for the next two years. If mine looks horrible, I will probably cry. Then we get a huge one done for the whole of years twelve and thirteen. Everyone's heads will be about the size of a breadcrumb on that one so it doesn't really matter what every one looks like.

Today, I took off my nail varnish so my nails are NAKED for the first time in about a month and they're not even yellow, yay! Also, I banged on yesterday about my ear so here's a little blurry photo of it.

Song of the day:

All I Want - Kodaline
Ahhh, this video makes me cry. It's so beautiful.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Happy half birthday!

I didn't get to post yesterday because I was at my grandparents' place but maybe I'll do two today... anyway, it was my half birthday yesterday! Sixteen and a half, woohoo! Also, it was my third ear piercing's first birthday yesterday. I might post a little photo of it on here later. I pierced it on a total impulse though. I was in McDonald's one Wednesday last year with my friends Jo and Katie and we were discussing piercings. I just decided a little one half way up my ear would be fun. The next day, Jo came in with like seven that she did with a safety pin, including her tragus. When I got in from football training that night, I was bored. So I was like, weeell, why not do it now? So I did, wahaay! Sorry, irrelevant story.

We went to my grandparents' house yesterday because it was my great aunt's eightieth birthday. There was nice food. Seeing the extended family was a bit awkward though.. always is, lol. Umm, the birthday cake was good... there's not really much else I can say. I seem to have developed an unhealthy obsession with Strictly Come Dancing, Lisa Riley is so amazing! Sorry, this is a cray cray boring post. I had a football cup match this morning and we won 7-0 so that's really good. Also, the coach for the ladies' defensive team came down and gave us some specialised coaching for the defenders which was a bit scary because there's always a risk you'll screw up hugely and make yourself look stupid, which I usually do but didn't today! Yay!

Sorry for how crap this is.. I'll come up with more stuff to write about soon!

Song of the day:

Teen Idle - Marina + the Diamonds

Friday, 12 October 2012

The sky is clear of fear

Today was such fun, such fun (Miranda reference!). We did rock climbing, archery and team building. I'm so crap at archery it's unbelievable but rock climbing was fun and I really enjoyed the team building too. I was in a team with a lot of people I've never spoken to in the five years we've been at school together so it was good to get to know them. There were these two guys, Reece and Joss, who I have practically never spoken to. They're the supposed "cooler" kids. We all sat together on the coach with my friends and it was so cool that we have so much in common.  They're really great. Here is my middle aged man / butch lesbian outfit I wore today:

I also want to talk about a boy called Tucker Gowen today. I've never met him and he had no idea who I was but he's so inspirational. A few months ago, I was on Omegle text chat talking to a guy named TJ. He told me that his brother had leukaemia and we talked about it for a bit. He asked me to go and support them by liking their facebook page, so of course I did. Their mum, Jeni, posted updates every day on how Tucker was doing, and sometimes photos of their time in the hospital. These were on my homepage every day for months so I read them and hoped hoped hoped that he would get better. On Tuesday 9th October 2012, there was a new post; Tucker had died. I was so close to crying. Honestly, seeing these posts was so inspirational and the fight he put up was amazing. Thinking of his family.

There was a beautiful candlelight vigil last night for him.

Song of the day:

Fear and Loathing - Marina and the Diamonds

Been in my head aaall day.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Cambridge satchels!

I've started compiling my Christmas list already, only seventy five days to go! Hklsfhshasfkjhhax I'm so excited! My cousins and aunt and uncle are coming over from America for Christmas and we're all going up to my grandparents in Birmingham for a week. All the extended family are staying, yay! So yes, back to my Christmas list. I usually ask for a ton of books - seriously, I got twenty one books last year - but everything I want this year is kind of pricey, plus AS levels don't allow much time for reading sooo.. this is a sacrifice I shall have to make.

Absolutely number one on the list is a Cambridge satchel. I think they're so great and versatile but also velly velly expensive! I reaaally need this though, it will go with practically every outfit I own. Please please please, Father Christmas!
Doesn't it just look soooo beautiful?! It's going to cost like £111 with the embossing... waaaah!

On my list along with this is hair crimpers, hair rollers, Anais Anais perfume, Rock + Rose Valentino perfume, Clinique foundation, new converses, Paloma Faith's new album, and erm... I forgot the rest. Not good. Today at school was kind of average, nothing really special happened. Tomorrow, I get to miss school and go to Blackland Farm, this activity camp, instead. We're going with the school and the coaches are leaving at 8.15am, sharp. Too early. I think we're doing rock climbing and archery and stuff. It's to get to know all the new people who have joined our school but I think we've all done that anyway. I have to wear tracksuits tomorrow, oh dear! I either look like a middle aged man or a chav when I wear them. I'll try and get a photo...

Song of zee day:

30 Minute Love Affair - Paloma Faith

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I'm about to look down

The title for this post is a line taken from a song by Kate McGill called look down. I lovelovelove Kate McGill! She released her début album last November or something and there were only 8000 copies. I got one in my Christmas stocking (love you, Father Christmas!) and I'm number 6864. Anyway, she's so great, you should deffo youtube her. Look Down, or The Key are the best songs on there.

I'm finding it kind of hard to prioritise my work at sixth form now. I know that sounds kind of lame but I came up with a solution! Just do every piece the day before it's due. So good! It seems really disorganised and everything but it really works. That way I don't miss any deadlines or anything, wahaay!

Today at school, there was a meeting for people who wanted to set up the school magazine so I went along. It was really great, so yeah, say hi to the new sub-editor of the magazine! I'll be proof reading every piece before it's sent to the formatting people and also hopefully I'll write articles and features for it. I'm sososo excited for this! We're also doing a cover girl or boy for every issue which will be hilarious. Ahh, such fun, such fun! Lol, today I was messing around with my friend Kane and he pretended to leave the room so I was like "get out. GET OUT!" which is obvo a Miranda reference (god, keep up!) and he didn't get it.. so I ended up looking like a loser. Totally irrelevant, sorry!

My favourite little slipper thingies! Primark, £2

Anyway, I believe that is all for today! 
"Stay magical, I love you, bye!" - deidrefunk (

Song of the day:

Look Down - Kate McGill

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Thirty eight!

This is the thirty-eighth post on here and thirty eight is my lucky number. I decided to want to ramble on about why I like this number so much, probably more for my own amusement than yours. So, reasons for thirty eight being my lucky / favourite number:

1. I came 38th in my first ever London Mini Marathon
2. I also came 38th in my first (and only!) Surrey Cross Country Championships
3. One of my favourite books, The Sky is Everywhere, has thirty eight chapters
4. My other favourite book, Adorkable, also has thirty eight chapters.
5. And, oh my, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (which I LOVE!) also has thirty eight chapters.
6. Once, on an exam paper I did well in, I was examined by "Examiner no. 38".
7. On our keyboard on the pre-programmed songs, Pachobel's Canon is number thirty eight, and it happens to be my favourite piece of music.
8. There's this house near me which I've loved since I was really little, and I recently noticed it's number thirty eight.

There's more but I forget it all. Just silly little things like a dress I really want is £38 or something. So that's all for today really. I'm posting my all time absolute bestest favourite ever song below.

"Music ain't dead. You gotta look right".

Song of the day: (and of my life..)

Young Blood - The Naked and Famous

Last year's Mini Marathon, we all look gross!
L-R: Becca, Marie, me, Mica, Rhian

Monday, 8 October 2012

Munday 8th

Today is Monday, wahay! I actually love Mondays now because I have a double free period every time. So great. Apart from school, I did nothing today. Well, I did that newspaper thingy at the primary school and a little kid broke the teacher's camera on my watch so it's not ideal. But yeah, nothing to really report. I think I'm only blogging because I've done at least one post every day for October so far, and I also have no life. Tomorrow I have to do a timed history essay on the Russian Revolution but I happen to know nothing about it. After eight lessons, no one in the class has learnt anything.

Oh, I just remembered something from English literature class today. The teacher - who, by the way, is crap - asked us if we thought Fitzgerald's description of Gatsby and his life was "vague". And, I kid you not, a girl put up her hand and trilled "Sir, what's vague mean?" I shared an eye roll with my bestie and then threw my head down on the table. How are these people allowed to do AS English lit? So cray cray. Also, she didn't know what "retrospective" meant - perhaps a little more acceptable. Then, to top it all off, her best friend was asked to analyse a sentence; "May in Ayemenem was a long, brooding month". She said "Well, sir, like, I understand about it being hot and humid and long, but like... I don't get why it says about wanting to have kids? Like, brooding..." Facepalm. She thinks "brooding" means wanting to have children.  Sorry, rant over!

Yep, nice one, George!

Song of den Tag:

Red - Taylor Swift

This has been stuck in my head all day, so excited for the her new album. TWO WEEKS!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

My feelings written on my face...

The title of this post is a lyric from a song by an amazing girl, Lauren Aquilina. You can watch the stunning video right here The lyrics are so beautiful. Plus, the line is so relevant because I am totally incapable of hiding how I feel; my facial expressions always give me away. Obviously a bit of a bummer because everyone can see what I'm thinking. Luv for ma lyf.

Anywaiz, I played a football match this morning and we lost. Not good! The score was 3-1 but the other team are top of the table and are miles better than us so it's acceptable, I guess. We had nothing to lose but everything to gain. (Oooh, poetic). But we gained nothing, lol. Ah well, that's one more game out of the way!

On Friday, I went shopping with my German grandma as she's over (or was, until this morning when she flew back) and I got some bags from that classy, well-known, over priced shop, Primark. Primarche (Pree-MAR-shay). Piccies below.

Primark, £1.50

Primark, £9

What if we ruin it all and we love like fools?

Saturday, 6 October 2012


My camera finally decided it would upload the photos! Yay! Lots and lots of photos coming now.

Outfit for Wednesday 26th September (kind of late!) -
Jumper: M&S, £35
Skirt: Peacocks, £16 (it's secretly a dress)

Outfit for Thursday 4th October - 
Shirt: Savile Row at TK Maxx, £16
Skirt: TopShop, £28

The beautiful shirts which I meant to post on here aaages ago! Oh, and evidence of their fancy-ness below. And also, I don't always take photos with my legs crossed like I need a wee; these two just happened to be like that.