Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hi 2013!

Happy new year! I hope everyone had a great night last night. I did, woohoo. We went to my friend, Tristan's, house and just had a typical teenagers-at-new-year party. The house is so huge and has a load of stain glass windows - one of which got smashed by the drunkest guy there. I think the parents are really really pissy. Understandably. 

Tristan's parents also had a dinner party at the same time as us but they were on a different floor of the house. My parents happened to be guests at this dinner party. However, my dear friends could not not contain themselves to one room - not even to one floor - which means that my mother witnessed umm... teenage shenanigans. She now thinks that a couple of my friends are the biggest sluts on the planet. Rightly so-ish. But still. Not good.

Anyway, it was a goooood night. Although, I plaited up my hair loosely before it, with the idea that I could have gentle curls. Classy. But no, my hair had other ideas and I end up looking like Emma Watson in the Philosopher's Stone:

On a positive note, my new Clinique foundation has worked beautifully. It gives amazing coverage, all blemishes are GONE! Wahaaay. I might do a little before-after post with it soon. Maybe. If I can bring myself to upload a photo of my naked face.

New Year's Day 2013 has gone well. I tidied my room and made plans for tomorrow. Then I went on a run (I know, what?!) and packed away all the Christmas decorations. Feeling quite productive. I think my new year's resolution this year is going to be to just to, every day, do something that makes me feel like I haven't wasted the day. Whether that's going for a run, completing an essay, or making dinner for my family, I just want to know that I actually did something worthwhile in those twenty four hours. Of course, like everybody else, I'm feeling optimistic about it now, but in two days, I'll be like, maaan I don't actually care. We'll see.

Miranda is on tonight, about which I am very excited, and dinner is soon which is great because I'm starving. I'm going to take my Cambridge satchel out in public for the first time tomorrow (wearing it around the house does not count) when I meet some friends for lunch and go to see Jack Reacher, wahaaya! Over and out.

Song of the day:

Glockenspiel Song - Dog is Dead

This is honestly the ultimate summer song. Now that Christmas is officially over (tree is down), I just need summer to arrive.

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