Friday, 25 January 2013

Camden Town

Today was a good day but it was freezing and my hands swelled up with the cold (they do that...) so it looked like I had ten bright red sausages instead of actual fingers. Attractive.

Outfit for Friday 25th January:

Coat: Peacocks, £40
Skirt: charity shop, £4.50
Boots: Doc Martens, £82.50
Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company, £95

I rediscovered jewellery heaven:

And stumbled upon a secret second-hand bookshop which is actual heaven (oh, and can you see a cheeky book called 'KATE' right there? It's a sign).

To warm up (and to try and reduce the swelling of my ten red sausages) my friends and I took refuge in the classiest of coffee shops... McDonald's! The tea there is only £1 which is pretty decent.

Whilst in jewellery heaven, I fell in love with the smell of the incense they had lit in there. I bought some for my room but I'm not really sure how to hold it since I don't have a special incense burner thingy - is sticking them in a tall vase okay?

Purchases for the day are:

Incense: £1
Dodie Smith book: £3
Oscar Wilde book: £3.50
Green and gold earrings: £1
Green and silver earrings: £1
Sweatshirt: £15

I also had an amazing lunch of mixed Chinese food in a huge carton for £4. This cute little Chinese lady gave us a special deal "because you nice girls, yes". So it was a pretty great day.

Song of the day:

No Regrets - Dappy

Such such such a guilty pleasure.

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