Friday, 18 January 2013

Favourite beauty products

I've been inspired by a couple of posts I saw earlier today to do my own little collection of favourite beauty products. I spent a while rummaging through piles of things in my room to get what was supposed to be my top ten, but what turned out as my top twelve. I couldn't narrow it down! I don't know how well the writing on this photo is going to show up but I can try!

1. Norwegian Formula lip balm. This lip balm is honestly incredible and I can't see myself using anything else for the rest of my life now. It doesn't feel too slimy on your lips and you can notice the difference immediately - seriously, just use it once and you'll feel how much more moisturised your lips are. Clearly made by angels.

2. L&B blusher palette. I don't even think L&B is a proper makeup brand... my grandma got me this makeup set one Christmas and this was in it. It's cheap as chips but I lovelovelove it. I don't tend to use the lighter pink so much as the rosy-bronze colour. If I do, it's mainly on the apples of my cheeks for a bit of colour whereas I (attempt to) use the darker one to pretend I have cheekbones.

3. Nivea Visage cleansing lotion. I use this as my night time moisturiser, especially now in the winter when skin dries out so quickly. It's also supposed to clean your pores but I think it works better as a basic moisturiser.

4. Revlon lip butter. I have this in 'Peach Parfait' which is shade 025. It works as a lip balm but I think I probably use it more as a lipstick. It definitely is worth the £8. It's also quite an understated colour so it works for just a casual look. If I want a darker lip, I'll use Maxfactor's 'Sunbronze' lipstick.

5. Clinique eye shadow palette. This is only four colours and, I'll be honest, it was a freebie with the ton of perfume my mum bought, but it's so great. I don't usually go for bright colours on my lids so I tend to use the golden colour in the top right and the gold-charcoal in the bottom left.

6. Barry M black kohl pencil. BEST EYELINER EVER. Again, obviously made by angels. It stays on for about four hours which I think is really great. I know Barry M isn't the best brand around but I've been using this liner for a few years and I've always loved it.

7. Simple face wash. I have horrible skin. It's not so much spots as nasty little ever-present pimples which foundation or concealer can't even hide. This facewash has help a lot, honestly. Some friends have complained that it makes their skin feel tight but I haven't experienced that and my skin has definitely improved.

8. Clinique foundation. Pretty sure I've mentioned this before and I know I have a whole 'nother post lined up, especially dedicated to this. I use relatively cheap makeup and this is, by far, the most expensive thing I have. This means I can't really judge the quality because I have no other expensive foundation to compare it to. I can say, though, it gives great coverage and the shade I have - 'Neutral' - is the perfect colour for me.

9. Maybelline mascara. This one's called 'Falsies Effect'... I can't really say that it makes them look like fake lashes but it's certainly very good. It doesn't make your lashes too spikey and it doesn't flake off like a lot of other mascaras I used to have. But again, I used to buy the cheap stuff!

10. 17 concealer. Cheap cheap cheap. £3.89, I think. I've been using this one for a couple of years and I have no problem with it. Apart from lipbalm, it's the only thing I wear every single day because I feel like foundation is just way too much for school. It's a bit of a lifesaver actually!

11. Anais anais perfume. I know I've definitely posted about this before, if only briefly. I got this as a Christmas present after having tried a sample bottle like three years ago. This is just springtime in a bottle. It's fresh and flowery and I know it sounds lame, but it makes me feel kind of ready for the day. Yeah, so lame.

12. Batiste dry shampoo. Another lifesaver. If I'm going out in the evening and my hair doesn't smell as fresh as it did in the morning, this is whipper out. I think I use it more as a make-my-hair-smell-fresh-please than to de-greasify it but it works so well for that too.

The products aren't in order of my favourites, just the order they were in for the photo. I recommend every single one of these. I know it's not exactly MAC but it's so great if you're on budget (which I usually am) so maybe this has been helpful to you lovely readers, in some way.

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