Wednesday, 9 January 2013

There's a restlessness in me

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I don't know if I mentioned, but for a Christmas present, one of my friends got me a photo album of some photos from our holiday that we all had. I thought I'd lost it but I found it again today, woohoo! These are some of my favourite photos from it:

This was my horse, Jordan, who was a complete babe and the best steed in the entire world.

Ah, I'm feeling all nostalgic. I haven't been posting any outfit of the days recently because I pretty much just repeat my outfits - it's getting a bit boring. Ooooh, I have semi-news. My new favourite band, Dog Is Dead, are filming a new music video in Camden this Saturday and need extras for it, so they said if you want to be in it, just apply. You had to email your name, number, headshot, and a photo of your clothes - presumably to check you're hipster enough for them to be associated with. My friend and I applied but kind of for the lols, because the band said the response was "overwhelming" and that they only need a small number of extras anyway.

And then last night I got a call from the casting company asking if I still wanted to be in it. And theeen the lady said sixteen might be too young (what da poo maaaan, they never even specified ages?!) and said she would find out and call back. She never called back. Boohoo, my shot at fame is GONE. So it's a bit of a shame but I think I'll get over it. Maybe I'll call them back today though, that's probably the sensible thing to do...

Song of the day:

White Nights - Oh Land!

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  1. They don't know what they're missing ;) :)
    Kimmy x