Monday, 14 January 2013

Kitty flats!

I don't really like cats because they scratch and smell and wee everywhere and drop hair but I think they can look really really cute. So when I saw the Charlotte Olympia kitty flats, I decided I needed some. I first saw them on Taylor Swift and then Bella Thorne but I know a ton of other people have been seen in them too. Naturally, all the celebrities buy the real ones, the actual Charlotte Olympia ones which are about $600 or £465. I think that's such a crazy amount to spend on shoes! If you want to see them: So, I spent the whole of Thursday afternoon trawling eBay and Amazon in the hopes of finding a good replica. Dedication and time pays off, because I found a wonderful pair here: And they arrived pretty quickly - they got here today so took only three days, woohoo!

I think I'm actually in love with them. I know this is pretty sad, but since I got in from school about an hour ago, I've just spent my time putting them on and taking them off, snapping photos and stroking them. They're so naaaice. The only thing I would say is that the cat faces look a little bit miserable... however, they're a fantastic copy and also are quite comfortable. And not to sound too pretentious or wannabe-fashion-blogger but you can dress them up and down, and they'll pretty much go with any outfit!

Soooo, I'm very very very happy today. I'd been having a kind of crappy day at school where everyone seems to be in a horrible mood and you just rub off on each other, but this has definitely brought me out of it.

Song of the day:

You're Gonna Miss Me - Lulu and the Lampshades

I soooo need to learn the cup song!

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