Thursday, 17 January 2013

Happy Thursday!

Today was a good day. I don't know if I wrote on here about it or not, but my new year's resolution was to do something everything that makes me feel like I haven't wasted those twenty four hours. Today, someone from the NHS came in to talk to us about becoming a blood donor. My mum has been one for years and I've always been a bit iffy about the idea but this presentation totally convinced me. Only 4% of people in the UK donate blood but, at some stage in their lives, that other 96% may need a blood transfusion. Whether that's because of an accident, or giving birth, or after an operation, it's a possibility. So if you're going to take, why not give? I kind of feel like it's being in debt... someone has given up this blood so you can have it, to potentially save your life, so I feel that I have to do the same to justify their... I don't know, is sacrifice the right word? Well, either way, I filled out a form today and signed up to become a donor. I'm actually so excited for this to happen!

I also went shopping today and got a pair of boots. I know, two pairs of shoes in three days is a bit OTT but they were on sale and are reaaaally nice! They're from Shoe Zone for £15 and pretty worth it. My camera battery died on me when I tried to get a photo but I got one off the website instead:

It's apparently going to snow tomorrow so these will be really great for that too. I've just started reading 'I Am Number Four' which I got last year for my birthday. Weirdly, I've only read it once since having it given to me. I'm not sure why that is because it's honestly amazing and I definitely recommend it.

Song of the day:

Blame it on the Rain - He is We


  1. hey,what a lovely thing to do:)x
    If you have a minute,come and check out my blog.xx

    1. thanks! I just had a look, I love that jumper you're wearing in the first post! x