Monday, 7 January 2013

All caught up in love, shaking hands and fickle hearted

Day seven: sit in the park under a tree and write what you hear, see, smell and feel. Okay, I think a lot of these journalling prompts are created with the presumption that you physically write in a diary. Like, I can't take my computer to the park. So I think I'm gonna give up. This lasted seven days.. not bad, huh? I'll still post my photos from yesterday's one:

This was what I drew for the task yesterday. Awful, right. But I wanted to prove I'm not entirely useless so here's a cheeky giraffe I painted a couple of years ago:

It was just really great to be back to school today and see everyone again. Then I remembered how much one of my teachers annoys me. He has his favourites in the class and will mark their work first and only reply to their emails. djvkndfkn adjkwdsfdg, SO ANNOYING.

Anyway, once again, this is a super short post - I just wanted to write something before I revise for a history essay, waaah! 

Song of the day:

Teenage Daughter - Dog Is Dead

Such a great song and such an emotional video.


  1. Love the painting! It's awesome! And I go back to college tomorrow *dies*
    Kimmy x