Friday, 4 January 2013

When I feel your velvet, I can't help it

Day four: where would you be if you could be anywhere in the world right now? This has taken some thinking. I think I would be at the end of my friend's garden at 5.55am, 1st July, watching the sunrise with a bacon sandwich in my hand and my best buddies by my side. Or, I would be on a deserted train carriage, going through the country side in the late evening, watching the sunset. The golden light would be streaming through the windows and my favourite song would be playing (Young Blood by the Naked and Famous). These two things have happened, last summer actually. They were just two idyllic moments which I wish I could relive.

Today, I went to an American-style diner for lunch with my mum and brother. We walked there and back to burn calories, meaning it's then acceptable to consume about 1500 calories or something ridiculous. I had a "Jackpot burger" which is basically a fat, juicy burger with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mayonnaise, bacon, ketchup, melted cheese and BBQ sauce. Oh, and it comes with chips. So yummy. That's heaven on a plate, right there. I'll see if I can get a photo next time I go. We also popped into some charity shops on the way home and I found two absolute bargains - a scarf for £5 and a skirt for £4.50 (which was actually from Whistles first, Kate Middleton shops there!)

I think I'm going to wear them tonight to my friend's party. (She calls it a "gathering" because she believes it sounds more sophisticated and mature. She is wrong.)

Outfit for Friday 4th January:

Jumper: M&S, £35
Dress: Ansari Boutique, £30

Song of the day:

Velvet Elvis - Alex Winston

This was on the ad for the beloved Cambridge satchels and I absolutely lovelovelove it.

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