Sunday, 6 January 2013

Our vivid dreams are just like big production movies

Day six: Draw something today, anything you like. Okay, I'll do this later and upload it tomorrow if I remember.

I've just got back from a football match - we won 8-1, woohoo. I didn't get subbed once which is also great. I ordered a velvet dress on Tuesday from TopShop online for a party next weekend and it arrived yesterday afternoon. It's so naaaice! It looks exactly like it did in the photo so it's good to get exactly what you expect.

I think I'll definitely have to wear it with nude tights though or I'll look like such a goth. So yeah, just checking in. Off to write an essay now, waah. It can be on any scene in Much Ado About Nothing and the question is so vague. IT'S NOT EVEN A QUESTION.

Song of the day:

Anti D - The Wombats

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  1. Okay- can I just have your wardrobe?? ;)
    Kimmy x