Friday, 18 January 2013

S n o w !

It's snowing, woohoo! I just want to go and make snow angels in my garden but that does mean that I'd have to actually get dressed and then get changed again afterwards. That's a lot of effort so I'm probably just going to sit here with my coffee and toast in the warmth. I think we've had about six inches now - how much have you guys had in other parts of the country? Lol, I can just see how this is going to look to people in Canada or something, like "woohoo, party, six inches of snow!".. kind of pathetic! But still, it's pretty exciting for us. Hope you all have a great weekend building snowmen and making snow angels!

Song of the day:

Time - Chase & Status, featuring Delilah


  1. We had around 6 inches around here! :)
    Kimmy x

    1. A lot of it has melted away today :( I'm hoping we get a ton more tomorrow because I'm really not up for school on Monday! x