Monday, 31 December 2012

G o o d b y e . 2 0 1 2 .

Last day of the year, woohoo! I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, this has absolutely been the best year of my life... so far! Roll on 2013 (so lame!). I've spent my day on omegle chatting to this hot guy and his cat:

I've also watched a ton of videos on youtube and drunk a ridiculous amount of coffee. Then, I managed to trick my friend into thinking I'd shaved the side of my head with these carefully angled photos:

As you can see, I've had an exceptionally productive day! Uh oh, I have to go and hop in the bath now because my brother is about to use up all the hot water. And then I need to decide what I'm wearing tonight. My friends are going really dressy with heels and stuff and have decided to pretend we're sophisticated by going out for "pre-drinks" before tonight's party. So I need to leave for that in about two hours to get there on time and am currently still in my pyjamas and have not washed. So. I have to gooooo!

And thank you, wonderful readers, for taking the time to read my posts this year. I know it sounds really lame and cheesy, but it means a lot to me and I hope I can continue to (attempt to) entertain you in 2013!

Song of the day:

30 Minute Love Affair - Paloma Faith

(This is exactly what me and the hot guy from omegle had - a great little half hour chat, but "sometimes it's better just to let it go". We will never speak again...)

Lots and lots of love xo!



  1. You were right to break up with the hot guy. Showing you his pussy was probably a subliminal seduction technique.

    1. Haha, it was a cute cat though...!

  2. not surprised your friend believed you - it looks like the side of your head is shaved!! and it suits you! :)
    happy new year!

    1. aw thank you! happy new year to you too :) just going to take a peek at your blog xxx