Saturday, 15 December 2012

Take that leap of faith if you want to

My He is We CD arrived yesterday! I cannot explain how happy I was to get it. I've asked for this for every birthday and Christmas since 2010 but it's never been in stock or my Grandma only thought to look in HMV, haha. So I ordered it off Amazon about a week ago and I've had it on non-stop repeat since it came.

Also, at Explorers yesterday (yes, yes, I still go!) we did a silhouette performance behind draped sheets with spotlights. Our group's was completely awful - we just acted out Taylor Swift songs - but we got voted as winners. Now, I wouldn't usually be writing about this except that we got a great prize. A little make your own snowman or Santa kit. So great! So that's what I spent my morning doing. Nailed it.

Today, I also found some hairslides or hairgrippy things that my grandparents gave me for Christmas two years ago. They'd been buried in my room but they decided to make a reappearance today whilst I was tidying all my crap up off the floor. They're from Pia so they were probably quite expensive, but it's cool because they also look classy... I think?! I've been wearing them around the house all day, haha.

Song of the day:

Prove You Wrong - He is We
Been stuck in my head all day!

On a terribly sad note, no words can describe how tragic the Connecticut shooting yesterday was. Still is. My heart goes out to the families affected. I can't really imagine anything worse than twenty beautiful young lives lost. I think gun regulations over there definitely need to be tightened. Watching the coverage on the news not only made me think how much I appreciate my own family, but how much more I need to show it. I love them all so much and I need to be telling them every day and not take for granted the fact that they're there for me all the time. It also makes all our own petty problems seem so inconsequential and unimportant. In the scheme of things, they're nothing. Absolutely nothing compared to tragedies like this. I can't imagine what those poor families there are going through, my thoughts are with them.

A wonderful lady named Elise Lieberth wrote a song called 'Coming Home' which she relates to the Connecticut families and it's so beautiful.

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