Tuesday, 11 December 2012


I think I'm just having a bad week or something. I'm swamped with school work and nothing seems to be going right. I like to think I'm not pessimistic but I seem to be proving that theory incorrect. Everyone is seriously annoying me - I don't know if people have become more annoying or I've become more bad tempered and less tolerant. Probably the latter. To vent my grumpiness, I think I'm going to do an "I hate..." post in a bit.

I went to a party on Saturday night which was fun and I met lots of new, naaaice people. The girl whose party it was is from my Guides. She comes from a really good background and all her family are so great. Oh, and the house was freaking huge. Every single person at this party was either from her grammar school or from her orchestra. I felt a bit like a pauper there, haha, but everyone was super duper naaaice. My outfit was nothing special and my camera has run out of battery so there's no photos to post here!

I'm sososo excited for Christmas. It's only fourteen days away. That's two weeks exactly! Phjvbdjhbviahbsi! Oh, I don't know if I said on here but I had a careers interview a couple of weeks ago because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I still don't, really. But the lady basically said to choose subjects I love and do a course with them. Obviously, lol. I want to do English language with human geography which is a pretty obscure one but she found a place that does it! Wooohooo, Keele University! It's a pretty good uni too and places high-ish on the rankings for both English and geography. So I'm deffo applying for that one. It looks really nice too, and has the largest on-campus student residence which is a massive bonus.

Song of the day:

Hot Problems - Double Take

This song gives me the biggest lols ever.

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