Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas 2012

I'm back! Not that you necessarily noticed my absence.. I could have simply been too busy stuffing my face with turkey and neglecting blogspot. As it turns out, I was stuffing my face with turkey but I did so at my grandparents' house and didn't have access to the computer. For a whole six days, waaah! But I had the greatest Christmas ever! I don't know if I said before - I probably did actually - but my uncle, aunt, and two cousins came over from America. I hadn't seen them in nearly three years so it was so good that they were here again. I was squeezed into a tiny room with my cousin Brittany. She's seventeen and we're both really messy and completely overpacked so our room was a total mess.

My grandparents' house is my favourite place in the entire world. It's so warm and comfortable and the food is always great. I especially love it at Christmas. I've never had a Christmas not at this house and I don't know if I'd really want to. This is their wonderful tree:

And a cheeky little mince pie and sherry left out for Father Christmas by the fireplace. We didn't have any carrots this year though, so I guess Rudolph went hungry...

This year, I got the best present haul I've had since I was eight years old. That year, I got a ton of Sylvanian Families characters, furniture for them and the mansion house which they all lived in. I didn't really think anything could top that but hey, eight years later, it has! My favourite present this year, by far, is the Cambridge satchel I've been ogling for months. Thank you A LOT, Grandad and Grandma!

Some of my other favourite presents were a Pandora ring, a silk scarf, books, Clinique foundation, and Anais Anais perfume by Cacharel.

Also, one of my wonderful wonderful friends made me a bracelet entirely out of ringpulls off cans. With some elastic, obviously.. it's so great. I haven't actually gone a day without wearing it since she gave it to me.

So, I think that's everything I wanted to say. I hope you all had a great Christmas too!

Song of the day:

King - Lauren Aquilina

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