Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Shit, I hate people who...

pull out the low blows.

look down on people for being educated and well spoken.

hate everything mainstream because they think they're hipster.

hate anything just on principal.

are rude for no reason.

walk slowly in a crowded place.

don't watch where they're going.

show off about every freaking little thing.

pretend to be cultured.

pretend to be mature.

bitch about you and deny it.

lie about little things.

get possessive over other people. 

shut you out suddenly.

"forgive but don't forget". This one gets me so much.

use your secrets against you.

were supportive of squatters' rights.

automatically think they're cooler than you.

think they're clever and always spell things wrongly.

look down on you for liking to read.

post hundreds of photos on facebook about their weekend.

think they're a photographer when they just take photos of the sunset.

won't buy clothes from charity shops.

believe they're really attractive and beautiful and tell you you're not.

cut their nose off in spite of their face.

attention seek.

fish for compliments.

refuse to be realistic about anything.

deny having secret ambitions.

do things to deliberately get back at you.

take take take and never give.

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