Sunday, 16 December 2012

The soundtrack to my life

Opening credits: Day Tripper - The Beatles

Waking up: Lost in the Post - The Wombats

Falling in love: Happiness - Alexis Jordan

Fight song: The Constant - I Blame Coco

Breaking up: Happily Ever After - He is We

Life’s okay: Neighbourhood Girls - Suzanne Vega

Getting back together: Unbroken - Demi Lovato

Wedding song: Love Isn't Easy - ABBA

Birth of child: Tim McGraw - Taylor Swift

Final battle: Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie

Death scene: Heartbeat - Scouting For Girls

Funeral song: I Have a Dream - ABBA

End credits: All of This - The Naked and Famous

Saw this on tumblr (yep, I joined the tumblr wave - so I felt like it would be a cool thing to do. All of the songs are surprisingly appropriate for each of the points actually, haha. Maybe I'll put the links in for each of the songs later.

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