Monday, 17 December 2012


Yesterday, we had a semi final against Crystal Palace, needless to say we lost. 5-1 to be precise. Our managers were getting all hyped up for the game but it was awful because we all knew we'd lose. Anyway, I really hate one of the managers so I think I'm gonna leave soon. Eurgh, and we had to wear our yellow shirts yesterday because the other team had predominantly blue ones too. So gross! It doesn't even match...

In other footballing news, remember I said the team we played for the school team may get disqualified because they had a huge amount of academy players? Well, they've been disqualified. This is terrible because we're going to lose against Reading - they're cray good! However, it's a bonus because we can say we got down to the last four teams in the entire country in the national cup! Woohoo!

Outfit for Monday 17th December:

Jumper: my dad's from the 80s, haha. (does this make it vintage?)
Skirt: the usuaaal. I wear this far too much!

Song of the day:

Euphoria - Loreen

Love this song so much, I'm a total sucker for Eurovison and Europop, haha.


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  1. Loreen is nominated for three World Music Awards - for "Best Female Artist", "Best Entertainer of the Year"and for "Worlds Best Song" with Euphoria!! Vote by clicking on Loreen's photo here: here:!worlds-best-entertainer-of-the-year/c17uc and here:
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    also: P3 Guld just announced the nominations for 2013 and LOREEN is nominated as "Artist of the Year" and EUPHORIA is nominated as "Song of the Year"!
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