Saturday, 1 December 2012


Twenty four days until Christmas! So freaking excited! We got our Advent calendars today and the tree is going up tomorrow, dsvjkdndasvnjdn!

The calendar on the left is my brother's and mine is on the right. I feel like such a child when we get these out but I just get so happy when I see them. I don't really have anything interesting to write today but I was such a beautiful morning. This was the garden with a pretty morning sky but it's all gone a bit downhill now and looks like it's about to pour with rain.

Also, you know when you find a piece of clothing you totally forgot you had? It's such a great feeling! I found my Ramones top yesterday and it's burgundy which goes with a lot of other colours, so that's pretty cooool.

Song of the day:

I'm not Gonna Teach your Boyfriend how to Dance with You - Black Kids

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