Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Cornwall Diaries, days 1 - 3

Day 1 - Friday 26th July:

Woke up at 5.11am for a 6.00am departure. Actually departed at 6.08am. Arrived in Exeter suburbs at 10.31am to pay a visit to my great Auntie Pat and great Uncle David. 12.30pm-ish, arrived in Padstow to get a chicken and ham pasty and to buy some peppermint fudge. Drove on to our holiday home on the outskirts of Penzance and reached it at 3.40pm. Went on a walk and made friends with some cows. Ate dinner at 6.45pm by which point I was bloody starving. Played a game of Estimation Whist and hopped into bed at 10.20pm.

Day 2 - Saturday 27th July:

Shaken awake by Papa Green at 6.03am to get dressed in running gear and head off at 6.25am for a Parkrun. About to finish the three mile run when I trip over a rock and mutilate my leg. Papa Green doesn't notice blood pouring down my leg but everyone else does. Thanks Daddy.

Stop off in McDonald's on the way back to the holiday cottage for a Mediterranean chicken burger meal. Arrive back at 12.40pm and shortly afterwards leave for Sennen Cove, undoubtedly the best beach in Cornwall. Body board, sunbathe and munched an ice cream. Came home in time for a dinner of lasagna, followed by a game of Nine Card Brag. Jumped into bed at about half ten, shattered from the trauma of Parkrun.

Day 3 - Sunday 28th July:

Rise at 9.31am to find the whole family besides my uncle has left for a walk. Play cards with said uncle (can you tell we play a whole lot of card games on these kind of holidays?) and drink a lot of Pepsi Max. Head off to St. Ives at 11.30am and get my fourth ever hair braid, my first since 2006.

Pick up a chicken, bacon and chorizo pasty for lunch and some marzipan fudge for afterwards. Brother is attacked by a seagull for his cookies and cream ice cream and he totally freaks out. Hop back in the car at 3.26pm and head back in time for the Grand Prix. Help Papa Green make paella for dinner but he's such a control freak that he basically rendered my input useless. Play football with aforementioned brother and befriend more cows in the adjacent field. This brings us up to now when I am writing this post because - praise the lawd - there is wifi!

Other important points of note: I have yet to find any kind of cosmetics store where Baby Lips are available. I shall continue this quest tomorrow.

Overall Cornwall experience so far: 4.5/5


  1. Ouch!! That looks naaasty!! Hope it's better soon!
    Kimmy x

    1. Aw thank you, it's looking much better now haha :) xx