Monday, 1 July 2013

I know exactly what I want and who I want to be

Today I, for once, wore an outfit which was weather appropriate so I didn't overheat like mad and I didn't spend the whole day shivering. I finished three PowerPoint presentations. I've done absolutely every little bit of homework there is. I've made a to-do list for tomorrow and packed all my folders. I feel so in control. This never happens! And let me tell you, I feels bloody great. I should really be organised more often. Are you? I bet you are. Everyone else is!

I was in the study room at school today, taking a break from one of my many PowerPoint presentations when a boy called Michael walked in holding a Tesco bag, fit to burst with... CREME EGGS! "Oh my god, how many do you have?!" I asked, mouth dribbling. "Forty six" he replied in his mega cute Polish accent. I think I may have squealed. What? Why? How? Where? When? It transpired that the Tesco Express ten minutes from school were selling their left over Creme Eggs from Easter for... ONE PENNY EACH! One penny. Can you believe it? I bloody couldn't.

I rummaged through my shit tip of a school rucksack and managed to get a 10p coin, a 5p coin, and three 1p coins. I got my arse out of the school gates and down to Tesco in about eight minutes power walking (PowerPoint abandoned).There were only thirteen eggs left, so I felt like being a bit generous and just bought ten to leave the other three for another lucky soul. 

I've spent my whole afternoon gorging myself on these eggs and basking in the brilliance of organisation. I was also very saddened to see number one babe, Laura Robson, lose at Wimbledon but I still love her. Our love runs deeper than um, the core of the earth? That was bad, I'm sorry. She's fab.

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Song of the day: (the I'm-in-control-and-am-unstoppable anthem)

Oh No! - Marina and the Diamonds

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