Friday, 19 July 2013

Summer beauty wishlist 2013

I've recently become obsessed with makeup tutorials on youtube and trying out new looks with the products I already own. After obsessively reading some of the more famous beauty blogs, I've compiled a little list of some things I wish I owned, makeup-wise. I'll hopefully be picking some of the items up next Thursday or something when school finishes and I'm finally free for the summer. So without further ado, here is the list:

1. Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Prickly Pear.

I've heard so much about these polishes, both from my friends and from hauls or blog posts. Barry M's normal nail varnish is such good quality so I have pretty high hopes for this Gelly range. The colour is also unlike anything I currently have so I'm thinking it's probably going to be a good thing to expand my collection of colours.

2. Vaseline, Rosy Lips.

I've heard this can work as a cheek tint as well as something to put on your lips (I believe it was on Ruby's blog somewhere, check her out!) so I've been keen to get some and try it since reading that. I also love the colour of the actual Vaseline on your cheeks because I think it looks like a pretty natural rosy glow.

3. Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple.

Last summer, I bought a Revlon lip butter in Peach Parfait because I'd heard so much about the whole range of them. (Also, Emma Stone was the face of the campaign and I love her so much - I guess you could say I'm pretty easily swayed!) But I found the one I bought was a bit too close to my natural lip colour so I tend to just wear it if I want a really casual look. Yesterday, however, one of my friends was wearing Candy apple and I absolutely loved it. It looked great on her and we have fairly similar hair colours and skin tones, so here's hoping it will suit me too.

4. Baby Lips by Maybelline.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to get one of these. I don't even know if they've come out in the UK yet but there's such a hype around them. I found out about them through Maddi Bragg (youtube: madisenrosebeauty1) and she has a nice little collection of them. I'm not sure what colour/flavour I'll get - I'm torn between nude or clear - but you can be sure I'll be posting crazily about them the minute I get back from Superdrug.

And so ends my short list. I wanted to keep it kind of concise or I know I'll end up spending way too much on products I potentially may not even like! Feel free to leave a comment if you've tried any of these items, or just to share your thoughts or something. I love comments on here and getting to know fellow bloggers.

Song of the day:

Summer Vibe - Walk Off The Earth

Such a feel good song! It just puts a smile on your face immediately. Enjoy!

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  1. I have the Barry M nail polish and it's so good! It's a really pretty colour and it's shiny too! XD xxx