Saturday, 13 July 2013

Awfully crazy

Not a lot has really been happening but I am getting into the summer spirit. I need to sort out my camera so I can - in true wannabe beauty blogger style - upload OOTDs. I've had a long week at school with next to no free periods and lots of work. However, our school is right next to a park so we've been going out every lunch time to play frisbee to display the fact that we are mature, studious sixth formers. The downside of this though is that I've developed the bloody worst heat rash on the freaking planet. Like, I go outside and it flares up. The sun shines on it through a window and it flares up. Argh, it's so annoying and so bloody itchy and it's looks not entirely attractive. I was hoping to go in the garden and tan today - hottest day of the year, you know - but I probably can't do it now.

I went to a party last night but I can't say I enjoyed it a great deal. I don't know what it was, I liked all the people and the music was good but I didn't have much fun. I think I was that annoying sober girl who tries to stop her friends smoking for the first time, and who ends up dragging the drunk boy up the stairs to the bathroom because he'd wet himself. That was.. um, an experience. I suppose it will be better next time!

This was just a quick post to check in and assure you I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. I find this song highly appropriate right now, so enjoy!

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