Saturday, 6 July 2013

Cambridge University

I will never ever apply to Cambridge. I think I'll come out with ABC next year, not A*A*A* so it's completely unrealistic. But my school booked a residential at Cambridge for Thursday night and picked the "top achiever" from each subject so woohoo, I got to go. My best friend also went which made it doubly fun. I hate to be all cliche-teenage-girl, but we carried her mattress down a spiral staircase and into my bedroom in the halls so we could have a cheeky sleepover. 

On Thursday afternoon, we all went down to the town for a bit of shopping and relaxing in the park. It's a lovely, quaint little town (or is it a city? I didn't see a cathedral!) with lots of old fashioned shops and amazing restaurants. In the evening, after a delicious meal of fish and chips at the halls, we went punting. Well, we didn't punt but we got on the boats and professional people punted for us. People who didn't fall in or capsize our boat: bonus. If you ever go to Cambridge, go on a punting tour and get the guides to tell you the history of every beautiful building you see. They know it all. The architecture is fabulous, and we also got to see a copy library. It has every copy of every book ever published in Britain. Apparently. I find it hard to believe but it's an impressive thought. There must be close to a million. We punted in the evening and the sun was setting. It was so lovely and perhaps one of the best days of 2013 for me so far. I haven't laughed that much in a while.

This cringey photo is of said best friend and me by a fountain in the town, marvelling over the fantastic quality of the sweets we'd just bought. We also visited the Sedgwick Museum which related very much to what I'm going to learn in geography; geology. I actually found it really interesting, sad as it may sound, and the fossils were so impressive.

The next day, Friday (yesterday), was a little less exciting. We went on a campus tour and had a student life talk. Cambridge "doesn't really recommend" having a job whilst there, going home often, or going out clubbing (not that there are clubs in Cambridge anyway!). "Doesn't really recommend" is just a polite way of saying "this is prohibited". The students do have their "Friday Night Bop" at the college bar every Friday though!!!!!! We stayed at the Churchill College which is one of the more modern ones but I really liked it. I also really loved the subject talk for Linguistics that I went to. It's just made me want to go there so much but it's entirely unrealistic, and essentially a waste of a uni application for me. (Evidence of this is when a student said to me: "when you come here, don't expect to be getting the 95% you're getting on tests now, expect more like 70% here while you're taking time to adjust". The 95% I'm getting now? Hahahahaha)

Like almost everybody, I love discovering new bands and a way I like to do it is to walk into a charity shop and pick out a CD which I like the look of. Oxfam in Cambridge had a pretty small collection of CDs but I picked Hearts and Unicorns by band from Cali called Giant Drag. They're apparently indie rock, but the main reason I chose the CD is because track one is called Kevin is Gay which I (childishly) thought was bloody funny. I actually really like the record so far, and I'll leave you now with a gem of a song, Kevin is Gay.


  1. Sounds like you had a good time!! Yeahh 95% now- pssshhhhhh is anyone doing that? ;)
    Kimmy x

    1. No one on this planet is getting that! :P x