Monday, 15 July 2013

One Day

For those of you who've read One Day, happy One Day day, and happy St. Swithin's Day! I've been saying I was going to do a review for this book for ages and I feel like today - 15th July - is the most appropriate day for it. This is because the book focuses on all the 15th Julys from 1988 until 2007, following the lives of two friends, Dexter and Emma.

Let's be honest, I'm awful at book reviews and this is really spontaneous since I just realised what day it was. I also haven't read the book since early April and have read about eleven others since then, so please try to overlook the vagueness of everything I'm about to write. One Day is quite possibly my favourite book at the moment. It made me laugh out loud, it made me cry like a baby, but it mostly made me wish that I could have a friendship like Dex and Emma have. Yes, it's flawed and when they have arguments, they're bloody huge but when they're getting along it's wonderful - and I don't know about you, but when my favourite characters are happy, I get this little warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Speaking of the characters, Emma is someone who I look up to. I love how rational she is and how every decision she makes is what I would have chosen to do too. I can identify with her. Dexter, on the other hand, pissed me off hugely. Perhaps I get too into my books in this sense, but I felt like the characters were real, so Dex's bad choices got me feeling pretty angry. I don't know, I think it was just that he seemed so thoughtless and did things regardless of how they made his friends and family feel. Sylvie was too good for him, let's be honest.

I also loved reading how all the characters, not just Dexter and Emma, grew up from university to nearing middle age. It definitely got me thinking about my life and what I'm expecting it to be like, but it also worried me. I'm scared I'll get into a situation like Emma and Ian did, and I'm scared that, like Emma, I won't be able to get out of it without creating a massive mess and tearing a huge hole in someone like Ian's life. 

I feel like reading One Day has taught me so many life lessons. Perhaps it's better to read it when you're this age, seventeen, than when you're an adult and can see the mistakes you've made reflected in the story. Because I don't want to make mistakes. Of course, I'm not going to live the perfect life and have everything work out, but I'm adamant that I will not make the mistakes that Dexter made.

I'm aware that this post is a bit (very) garbled but you know, it's late and I'm rushing but I'm suddenly overwhelmed with a desire to read the book again. Please please please tell me at least one of you has read One Day or this isn't going to make much sense to anyone! Leave your thoughts in the comments if you understood anything from this jumble of words attempting to be a book review. Happy St. Swithin's Day!

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  1. This is a great book review! I loved One Day when I first read it. Although, it wasn't until I watched the film that I realized each chapter took place on the same day each year. Duh