Monday, 30 June 2014

Zante blues

I got back from Zante yesterday and wowee, it was the best week of my life!!!!!! I know that's such a cliche but party holidays with your friends are absolutely the best kind of holidays there are. I'll write more later when we've sorted out all the photos because there are a lot and it's going to take time (and probably tears) to look through them all and pick out my favourites for a post here.

We met some incredible people out there and, as unlikely as it is, I hope we can stay in touch. There's so much I'm going to miss. So much that I'm already missing.

Wrenching open the shutters to be met with blue skies and absolutely zero clouds.
Going for early morning pool sessions.
Hitting the strip at midnight and coming in at seven.
Feeling like jelly shoes and denim shorts is the uniform for the week.
Shots for fifty cents.
Free entry to clubs.
Meeting people in bars and becoming best friends within ten minutes.
Having my sheets changed every day.
Being able to look forward to something every second of the day.
Watching every sunset and sunrise from our balcony.
Beach trips at five in the morning.
Making friends with street vendors.
That it's acceptable to wear my ugly flip flops into town.

Wow, I'm getting all emotional just writing this. I really did fall in love with Laganas last week, but I feel like I almost don't want to go back because I don't want to taint my memories of the place. Maybe it sounds stupid, but these memories are already so sacred and I just want to make new ones in other places so I don't overwrite them.

One of my friends had a horrible cold at the start of the week and she gradually infected all of us, so I currently can't speak and have a mouth full of phlegm. I decided not to waste my first day back at home though, so I popped up to Camden today with my best friend who wasn't in Zante with us. I made lots of purchases to try and erase those Zante blues.

God, I miss it so much.

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