Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Summer hauling: clothes

I know it's been mere days since I posted a spring "haul" type post, but I've picked up a few more bits since then because it hit me that I really do not have enough clothes to take to Zante. This qualifies as a "summer" post because the weather has really upped its game in the past couple of weeks, blowing us from spring right into the height of summer. Well, an English summer at any rate. So, shopping was how I spent my first day of freedom from the UK schooling system and I've even done a crappy webcam quality shoot of my purchases.

Skirt: Next, £22

First I swung by Next because I still had £7 left on a giftcard for there, so really I only paid £15 for this. I think £22 is a bit of a push actually, but it is a lovely skirt. I also think the skater style is so flattering on any body shape so this is definitely going to be worn a lot this summer. In fact, it will probably spend most of its time on my bedroom floor because what's the point of putting it away when I'm going to wear it again the next day?

Shoes: New Look, £10

I also popped into New Look because I love the fit of their fake Converse shoes. I've had a really nice grey lacy pair from there for the past year but the soles have worn away now, so it was time for an upgrade. I wanted a neutral colour, preferably a grey or something, but these nudey ones make the cut. They go with pretty much everything and make a dressy outfit more casual, which is always what I'm aiming for.

Top: New Look, £8

Also in New Look, I bought this cute little pineapple top. It's more of a cropped tank top but wow, I don't really want my tummy hanging out so it works just fine tucked into something high waisted. It's got a cheeky little cut out at the back to spice things up a bit too ;)

Dress: Primark, £7

Finally, I paid a visit to Primark. Ah, Primark, you never let me down. I saw this dress the last time I popped in there but didn't try it on because I was in an I-hate-shopping-mood. I tried it on today however, but I didn't immediately love it. It's a tiny bit too tight across the top and there's an oddly placed cut out at the back, but it won me over eventually. And £7 is a bit of a steal, really, along with the fact that I don't have that many dresses. Even if I only wear it a couple of times, it will be worth it.

Top: Primark, £14

Can you believe it? A whole fourteen pounds for a top in... Primark, of all places! Don't judge me okay, I know it looks a bit extravagant. But I've been after a bejeweled, glitzy piece of attire for a while now and this seemed to fit the bill. I think it looks best tucked into some high waisted shorts and is probably going to be my Zante club go-to outfit. God, I really do not have enough stuff to wear for clubbing out there. A second shopping trip may be in order.

Hope you're all having a wonderful time now that we've properly entered summer! xo

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  1. Oooh I love the skirt!! You can never have enough clothes ;)