Sunday, 1 June 2014

Spring hauling: clothes

I've done a bit of shopping lately and most of it is spring/summer appropriate, given that I'm going to Zante in exactly three weeks today (aghh!!!) and Latitude Festival next month. I've decided to go all cookie-cutter mainstream on you (and myself, really) and embrace the high waisted bottoms teamed with a crop top look for my SS14 wardrobe (lol). I'm a bit ashamed that I've not really retained much of my personal style but, you know, things are popular and worn by everyone for a reason, and that reason is that they look so dang cute.

*I'll list the prices and shops because this was all bought in the last two weeks or something, so chances are it will still be there.

Shorts: New Look, £14
Top: New Look, £13

I've been after some really cute little patterned shorts for ages and these seem to fit the bill (despite having pyjama-like qualities). I really liked the scalloped edging at the bottom and just thought it would look perf with a crop top. I went for this baby blue lacy one because I don't think I actually own anything this colour and a bit of lace is always good, right?

Shorts: Primark, £10
Top: Topshop, £16

I also really wanted a white lace crop top to add to my ever growing crop top collection (current total: 2...) and it's probably something I could throw on with any bottoms, really. And, believe it or not, I've never owned a pair of high waisted shorts so here they are! Primark are on form at the moment and these fit really nicely as well as being cheap.

Bumbag: eBay, £10

Can I work a bumbag? I suppose I'll find out when someone tells me a look like a total idiot with it, but from what I hear, they're an essential for festivals. I didn't want to go for one of those granny bumbags, but the really cute ones are like £30, so this seemed like a nice compromise. The material feels a bit cheap but hey, what do you expect for a tenner.

Mac: Primark, £9

Can you tell I've been shopping with festivals in mind? I'm definitely going to need a rain mac and Primark are doing some really cute ones at the moment. I thought you can't really go wrong with a plain blue one, but they also have flowery ones, black ones, zig zag patterned ones.. take your pick. And you could totally wear it as a dress!

Bag: Primark, £5 (reduced from £10)

Can you also guess I've been spending a lot of time in Primark lately? I saw this a couple of months ago and really wanted it but never got round to buying it. Last week though, it was the very last one left in the whole store and reduced to half price. My other little shoulder bag I had broke a couple of weeks ago on an adventure to a nightclub so this was a sign. Me and this bag are meant to be.

Bikini top: Next, £10

I never really go to Next but I got a gift card for my birthday to use there, so I popped along this week whilst on a bikini hunt and found this cutie patootie item of swimwear. I wasn't really a fan of the cut of the matching bottoms though, so I've ordered these high waisted beauties instead.

And there ends my haul (if you can call it that) of springy-summery clothes. I did pick up a few bits of makeup but I think I'd do another post on those later when I have a bit more time. Have you bought anything nice and if so, tell me where so I can go a buy it too because I absolutely hate everything I have from last year. Ah, first world problems.

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