Sunday, 1 June 2014

Do you even R-word?

I hate the word "revision" so in my world, it's the dreaded "R-word". I have been known to hate the R-word and my friends don't think I do enough. Maybe I don't, but it's crunch time right now. I have four exams in the next fifteen days (shit), the first being on Tuesday (shit shit). So I've got crackalackin on the R-word front and have taken the day off work to do some.

I'm on a little R-word break right now - I try to do an hour on, and half an hour off. I'm living for these little half hour relaaaxi sessions. Next up is another past exam question, followed by completing notes on how children learn to speak. Ugh. Hope you're having as great a time as I am with your revision.

(The above photo, featuring the Keira Knightley pout, is ironic, I promise.)

I can't wait for FREEDOM.


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