Thursday, 12 June 2014

Spring hauling: makeup

As well as purchasing a few bits and pieces of clothing lately, I've also picked up some makeup. A few weeks ago, Boots had a three for two offer and right when that ended, Superdrug had one too. Gotta make the most of the offers! I'm making it sound like I bought loads of stuff but I cannot for the life of me remember what I got. I tried to do a little roundup of all the makeup bits I've bought recently but there doesn't seem to be much at all! Nevertheless, let's get crackalackin.

First, I got one of the matte Barry M paints in burgundy something (so obviously not its name) because I wanted to get on that whole matte bandwagon. The colour is quite pretty: it's dark enough to make you look cool but not so dark that you look like a goth. Am I making sense? I found that it didn't chip for several days which is pretty great, but I will say that it didn't look quite as matte as I expected. I think I prefer glossy ones anyway, so I'll just stick with those in the future. This brings me onto the glorious pink shade shown above which is grapefruit and is part of Barry M's new Gelly range. I will be singing the Gelly paints' praises until my dying day. They hardly chip at all and the colours are so vibrant and shiny and beautiful. Grapefruit came out a tad more fluorescent than I was expecting but it grew on me and I luuurve it.

Wow, who loves webcam quality photos, ayeee? I saw these Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadowsticks on their sponsorship advert for Made in Chelsea and I knew I needed one (their marketing team have done a fab job!). I'm really lazy when it comes to eye makeup - and most days, I wear none at all - so I just draw a bit on my eyelid with this (Bulletproof Beige... cute name? Not) and blend it with my finger. It feels quite creamy and has a subtle finish which is exactly what I want. What I will say is that the whole of the end bit has nearly broken off and I'm having to be so careful with it. Has that happened to anyone else or have I just been scribbling too hard on my eye with it?

The Revlon lip butters are a god send and I've loved them right from when they were first brought to the UK two years ago. My all time fave is probably peach parfait because it's so subtle and (I like to think) classy, but this, berry smoothie (pictured above), is a really nice variation on the natural look of peach parfait. It gives a bit more colour but still has a few cheeky shimmery bits in it. The lip butter formula is absolutely perfect too: just the perfect balance of creamyness, moisturising qualities, and colour stay power. 10/10 woooo!

Finally, for this very mini haul, I've got yet another Sleek blush to add to my ever-growing collection (current total: 4). This one is Life's a Peach - which it's so not when you're in A level exam period - and it's rather orange. I bought it on a kind of whim and have only worn it once. My friend and I went out and he took the piss out of me and called me a tangerine for the whole evening. He was like "whoa where are my sunglasses, this is so bright" and said it would match his skin tone better. He is Goan. This does not bode well. I'm a bit reluctant to try it again but I'll be brave and slap it on when I have a tan.

And here ends my mini makeup haul! Let me know if you've picked up any cute things lately because I'm feeling quite adventurous with regards to makeup right now and could definitely use some recommendations! Have a wonderful Thursday evening. xo

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