Thursday, 15 May 2014

Swollen lips!

Are we all familiar with Twister ice creams?


Well, I suppose it's really part ice cream, part ice lolly but that's not the point. The point is that I love them, yet I seem to be allergic to them which is absolutely heart breaking. I had one a couple of years ago and my top lip swelled up and looked frickin huge. I kind of forgot about my little reaction to them until last week when I pigged out on two of them (perhaps it serves me right) and my lip grew to the size of Africa.

This is not how my top lip normally looks. It's usually quite thin and definitely not fatter than my bottom lip. It takes about an hour to get back down to normal size after gobbling down a Twister, and I suppose the lesson in all this is Kate, do not eat Twisters. But they're so tasty. It's hard. Mother of all the first world problems.

Hope you're having a gr8 (or even gr9) day!


  1. haha well it's sad that you have an allergic reaction to something you love, but on the other hand, big lips sometimes look good, and I think they don't look bad at all on your picture!

    I just posted! Come visit me some time<3


  2. oh my allergic reactions in the lip area are the worst. I once couldn't speak for a few days because I used bonjela on a ulcer and hey, guess I'm super allergic to that stuff. But I guess it is worse to not be able to eat twisters. My heart goes out to you xo