Tuesday, 20 May 2014


On Friday 16th May, I left school forever. The only times I'm going back there are now are for a couple of revision sessions, my exams (agh!!) and results day. That's it. I've been at this hell hole for seven years now, although I originally didn't actually think it was a hell hole. Year 10 was probably my peak - I frickin loved school life then - but as GCSEs, AS levels, and A2 piled on, so did the pressure. I think it was at some stage in year 12 that I began to enjoy my online life more than my time at school, which is sad.

I am happy though (happy to be leaving hahaha) that I've made some wonderful friends in my seven years at school. I suppose I have had a good time, and overall I'd say I have enjoyed my school experience, but having been here since 2007 has started to take its toll and I'm more than ready to gtfo of there now and embrace the summer and university life.

We did the whole leavers shebang in true Brit style with honey on the toilet seats, eggs on top of doors, and fish put in the ceiling. I didn't actually partake in the messier pranks (boring old me, hey) because, having worked at McDonald's for eight months, I know what it's like to clean up other people's shit and it's not fun. My best friend and I, however, did manage to wreak havoc in a slightly more subtle way.

We typed up and printed out these posters:

We stuck about twenty of them up around the school and even put them in each tutor group's "important notices" shelf to be read out in tutor time. The slight fly in the ointment is that I happened to be wearing a huge Spongebob costume when I stuck them up on the Wednesday (for a dressup day) and our school happens to have CCTV. My head of year called me over on Thursday and told me that next time I pull a prank, to do it in a slightly less conspicuous outfit. It was a bit stupid of me, granted, but she found it hilarious and said it was one of the best pranks done by a year thirteen student. It even made it to our headteacher's end of year speech for us, and apparently most of the younger years had believed it. They were all set to bring in their hamsters, and one year 7 form tutor was going to bring in her dog. Apparently emergency messages had to be sent round to all the teachers, so I see it as a frickin huge success. We made it!!!!

No last day would be complete without a customised blazer and I thought my little flowery design was cute, but I was totally showed up by my friend who had glittered her blazer to within an inch of its life and made my effort look pathetic. (Also, hi split ends!)

After our final assembly, me and my nine best friends hit up McDonald's with my employee discount card for merriment and plenty o' food, before doing a quick tour of Primark and Boots. (What's a trip into town without some shopping?)

We then hung around in the park for ages until we got bored of the sun and our lack of snacks and went home. I got a text at about 7pm asking if I wanted to go down to the pub and our local nightclub to celebrate our freedom that evening. I think it's so much more fun when things are impromptu and not rigorously planned. I went to Brownies that evening and when I got home, ditched my Girl Guiding leader uniform and went to the pub (god, I feel like such a man saying that) and then onto the club. Someone had said before that if people from our year went to the club that night, it was "either going to be a half-hearted effort, or we're going to completely shut it down". It was definitely the latter. About half of the people in the club were from school and some even came in their school uniform, so it was basically like being back in school again. And it was weird, I hung out with people there who I'd been to school with for seven years but had hardly spoken to, but now that we'd left, there was a real sense of togetherness.

Three of my best friends, Jenny, Alisha, Oli, and I posed for one of those frickin awkward club photos which go on facebook and you just cringe knowing that hundreds of people have seen them. (Also, no matter how much makeup I put on before I go out, I always look super washed out in these kind of photos!)

Oliver and I also took some slightly more candid, and a million times less awkward, photos of ourselves because that "professional" photo is definitely not how I want to remember that night.

I got home at nearly 3am that night and was up again a couple of hours later to get to my 8am shift at work but you know what, it was so worth it. I had an absolutely fab day and it feels great to know that I've officially left my school days behind me. I also kept feeling overwhelmed with a feeling of huge love for my friends and I feel so lucky to have found them (ha gAAaAaaY).

Hope you're all well and swell! Good luck to those of you sitting exams, we need it.

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  1. oh man I am so jealous, I don't get to leave school until friday and I can't even go out after that because I'm not 18 yet argh. However, my class is planning to spend the entire last day dressed as pirates runniing around on scooters, which should be fun. Also good luck to you too on your exams xx