Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Spring has sprung

2014 Blogger Challenge - post 8

Happy spring! I feel that spring is fully in swing now. I'm also in a very rhyme-y mood, apparently! I've got some really cute bits and pieces over the past couple of days which I feel are very spring/summer appropriate, and which are great contributions to the SS14 wardrobe of Kate Green. I've got one of my favourite springy outfits on today so I decided to have a little webcam photo shoot for Gaby's latest challenge - a spring inspired OOTD post.

My friend bought me this really cute tshirt from New Look for my birthday which I love because it's so casual and understated, but which makes me feel quite girly too. It's cropped but because of my, um, lack of sit ups, I don't wear cropped tops often and, when I do, I tuck it into something. That's exactly what I did today and it was one of those days where I just felt so comfortable and confident with my outfit choice that it set me up with a good mood for the rest of the day. I hope that doesn't sound ridiculously cocky or anything, but I'm basically selling this tshirt to you. They also do it in white, I think.

And what spring outfit would be complete without a pair of espadrilles? These are also from New Look, and I have a white crochet pair which I sadly couldn't find to take a photo of. New Look have a bangin range of espadrilles out right now so definitely go and take a look. They're so comfortable and easy to wear, but also so bloomin cute

I hope you've enjoyed this short but sweet OOTD post and be sure to check out everybody else's outfits over at Gaby's blog.

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