Monday, 21 April 2014

Charity shop bargains

My family and I drove to a nice restaurant on my birthday in the evening and once we'd finished eating, we walked back down the highstreet to our car. On the highstreet, we passed a British Heart Foundation charity shop and my mum spotted some gorgeous shoes in the window. The angle they were at meant that I couldn't see what size they were, or how much they were, but I knew that I needed them! I also didn't have a clue what time the shop opened the next day but I thought 10am was a good guess, so I dragged my brother into town the next day (with the promise of a McDonald's breakfast!).

And - hallelujah, praise the Lord and Baby Jesus - the shoes were still there when we arrived (!!!!). Even more hallelujah-y was that they were a size 5 (that's my size!) and fit me perfectly. They were also only £9.99 which is a bloody fantastic bargain. They were a fabulous post-birthday present to myself but I've not had the chance to wear them outside yet. I've just been parading round the house in them and feeling overjoyed with them. Shout out to Mama Green who spotted these beauties!

Just look at them! I think I've fallen a little bit in love with them. I am, in fact, wearing them right now. It's just reinforced my love for charity shops and has made me want to look in them a lot more. Am I looking a bit too pleased with myself in those photos? I hope it's not too smug a face.

Hope you're all well and luvin lyf! xo

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  1. charity shops are the best ever! I recently bought a pair of £5 trainers from one, and they are my favourite things at the moment despite the fact they are a size 3 and therefore horribly uncomfortable. But yours look incredible and well done on managing to get the right size haha