Monday, 14 April 2014

Entering adulthood

Guess who's just turned eighteen!

That's right, me! Can you tell I'm a tad excited about it? I've left my childhood behind and am now embracing being a proper adult. I can watch 18 rated films at the cinema, I can buy alcohol, I can get married without my parents' permission, and I can do all things a fully-fledged adult can do. My uncle (a addict) thought it would be funny to get me this card though:

(Are my theatrical faces getting a bit much?) Aforementioned fabulous uncle is paying for a lot of my Latitude Festival ticket for my birthday which is really lovely of him, so I suppose I can forgive him for this sassy card.

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday and what's a blog for if you don't use it to post photos of your beautiful presents? Disclaimer: in no way am I showing off or bragging or attempting to make myself look rich or more privileged than anyone, bla bla bla, we all know how that one goes. I love looking at other people's "haul" - so to speak - posts so I hope you enjoy this one!

These bits and pieces are from my family and my best friend; I have ten friends coming over tomorrow night so perhaps there'll be another present or two then! (Fingas crssd).

A super cute teapot for when I make green tea with tea leaves as opposed using to tea bags.

Melon liqueur while I am so excited to try. I'm not sure whether to have it neat or mix it... but what should I mix it with?! Help!

A very excited face and some TopShop and Next vouchers (new clothes yo).

A world map print duvet cover which is definitely coming to uni with me.

A book about the theory of heroines in novels: in the blurb it slates Katy from What Katy Did and calls her a "drip" which I 100% agree with so I can't wait to read this.

A beautiful letter and mix CD from my very bestest friend. The photo cut two songs off the end: Supernova by Mr Hudson, and He Is We's All About Us. I've already imported it onto my iTunes.

My "main" (if you will) present, however, was this gorgeous opal and gold ring which I picked out with my mum a couple of weeks ago from a little antiques jewellery store in Brighton. The webcam photo isn't really doing the opal justice because there are so many beautiful rainbow colours in there. I've always loved opals and I'm beyond happy that I now have my own.

I realise that I'm lucky to have such amazing family and friends who have given me such a wonderful birthday and who have been so generous. Lots of love to them all and big shout out to Papa Green who made me the most bangin birthday cake in the world:

PS: this is Papa Green nearly eighteen years ago, with a three day old baby me (my nostrils still haven't grown)

I hope you're all well and are having a great day! I'll leave you with this treat:

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  1. your ring is totally gorgeous and I am super jealous of your cake aghhh. I turn 18 in July which means I am the youngest person in my year and it is killing me slightly watching them all go out legally while I sit at home, still legally a child.. but happy late birthday!